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miniature dishes diy       miniature fireplace diy

free doll pants sewing pattern       starfolk ornament pattern

 free pattern for a doll jacket      


very nice mice free sewing pattern         

paper mache teacup         

how to make a perfect bird leg        paper mache boats

cardboard stampede       sphere_templates

put wind in your sails        tiny top hat tutorial

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 ……… more coming soon!

ann wood handmade free resources


  1. Thanks for sharing ,My web site is not up yet just yet Just starting out ,but i have been looking for a tiny hat for years I have all ways made them too big lol I do host a lot of parties , I’m going to be hosting a party next year for my uncle turning 80 He loves hats. So I thought of a small hat to top off his keep sake boxes as well as each table center piece (A hat ) and as well as each member at the party, Each hat will be different with a story of his life as we roast . I’ll try to remember to send picks once again thanks so much Ps ur pieces r wonderful and u have some very cute pieces keep up the creative work

  2. Your Fantastic, the things you make, showing us, so very , very kind of You. thanks, hope too make a By

  3. Netflix airing of Anne with an E has left me with an ache in my heart longing for simpler times. Your dialogue sounded so much like Anne’s as she was portrayed in this new depiction of Anne of Green Gables compelling me to respond to your blog. I have been a handmaking fool for forty plus years and loved, struggled and basked in its glory every minute of every day since I started creating playthings for myself long ago. A task that has never been thankless as there has always been someone to appreciate, and fall in love with something I created. There will always be those of us who hole up in our rooms patching and coaxing fabric into magical forms for our pleasure and to bring sparkle into the beholders eyes. This making will continue only as long as there is a demand for it. I implore you to continue with your picture taking, your storytelling, your impecccable taste in fabric choice, your childlike view of life, and your willingness to share your talents with the world. Ann Wood, it is such a pleasure to meet you.

  4. I too love sewing by hand, lately small gift bags, and birds , ballerinas. Felt animals, etc. anything to keep my hands busy in the winter evenings

  5. Your contact form isn’t working so I’m commenting hoping you’ll see this. Is a digital pattern for the mushrooms available? I am hoping you have it available as a download. Many thanks!

  6. Monica34

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  7. Acho muito lindo seu trabalho, obrigada por compartilhar alguns tutoriais.

  8. Hi! Love your little mice!! Adorable and can’t wait to try it. Do you have any other cute animal patterns? Thank you!

  9. I love your patterns. I’ve made over a dozen merry wobblers and one lamb. Currently, I’m making the forest folk and plan to make a bunch. The squirrel turned out perfect the first time and the rabbit is on its way there. The patterns are easy to follow and so much fun. It just brings so much joy to sew their faces on and bring them to life. Thanks, hope to see more patterns.

  10. Lynda Wieferich

    Dear Ann,
    Thanks so much for sharing. I made each of my boys a Christmas ornament this year using your patterns. I had so much fun they are no where near as cute as yours but I did have fun and I was able to tie a bunch of memories into them. Old pattern pieces from pjs I made them, old wooden spools from their great grandma, old postcard from the lake. I’m ordering the bunny pattern can’t wait to try it and the wool stuffing.

  11. vryblessedmom

    How very cute your style is can’t wait to try the little needle case. wow you have workshops too what a dream! Wish you were closer. Just found your site thanks for sharing your talent. Very inspiring. Will let you know how the little needle case turns out!

  12. Deb Baxter

    I’m so glad to have happened upon your website! I retired a couple of years ago, due to several disabilities. Back in the day, my goal was to be an artist, but career and raising a family always came first. Now I have a lot of time on my hands, which should be a dream-come-true, but have been a little hesitant about getting started. Looking through some of your projects has helped inspire me to start small and simple, until I can get into a creative frame of mind in working around my disabilities. Thanks for encouraging me to take a chance!

  13. Hello! I am new to this website, but found all of these thing adorable! I also have a recommendation:
    Could you make more free patterns with animals?

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