make a house for a mouse

mouse doll house

A fancy dress tea party for very nice mice!

They are so happy to see you! Come right in!

Step into their warm, welcoming ramshackle room. I could totally live there! They’ve made it extra festive and cozy for a fancy tea party with friends.

Find part 2 – a cozy bedroom right here.

mouse doll house tea party

The dear little scene is made from stuff I had around, a couple things from my childhood dollhouse, old french letters on the wall and some favorite tiny treasures. The mice and plates are free tutorials in case you are feeling the need for a mouse tea party. I’ve shared a few tips and ideas below for creating a very nice mouse house including miniature plate hangers for your tiny mismatched china, more on that in a minute.

make a mouse dollhouse

mouse tea party

Making a mouse tea party was not my plan for Saturday.  All of a sudden I felt the need to make something entirely for Joy. 100% JOY.  And it was, sorting through my treasures, making the wire chandelier, putting together the little scene and photographing it was 100 % joy.

mouse doll house door

mouse house diy

some details:

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A fancy bicorne hat for the host -The tiny bicorne hat was made using this pattern but I used the “bird bicorne accent” pattern piece for the hat and then cut another a little smaller for the decorative piece.

The mice – made from the very nice mice  free pattern – pro tip – lately I’ve been adding walnut shells or a coin or two for weight in the bottom to help them stand up.

Tiny plates and cups made from this free tutorial – so much fun.

pickling spice for mini mouse food

mouse food – Pickling spice makes great mouse food. I put some in a little glass button and sprinkled some by the door mat too – little mouse debris, you know how mice are…

miniature chandelier

Chandelier – Its made from this *super handy 24 gauge wire, a vintage earring I’ve had for ever and a few tiny beads. The easy plate hangers are made from this wire too.

make miniature plate hangers

make miniature plates and plate hangers for a dollhouse

Cut a few inches of  *24 gauge wire. You will also need needle nose pliers – small ones are great, wire cutters and pins for hanging. I used the sharpie to color the *little applique pins. The little pins come in handy for lots of dollhouse things.

Bend the wire in half and make a loop. Twist the ends under the loop,

Place your tiny plate on  and bend up the ends.

Remove the plate, trim the ends and curl them with the pliers.

Put your plate on and press the curled ends to hold the plate snuggly.

make miniature plates and plate hangers for a dollhouse

The wall is made from foam-core and I push the little pins (colored with a sharpie) in to hold the hangers. You can use tiny nails too.

If you’ve got kids home from school this would be a fun project and stay tuned for more ideas. If you do make a mouse tea party I’d love to see – you can email photos to info at ann wood handmade dot com or use #annwoodpattern and #mousehousediy to share on instagram.

Wishing you all health and  peace and happiness and I hope this all passes quickly.


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  1. Jane Miller

    So nice to wake up and smile this morning to see the happy mice. Can’t tell you how very much smiles of any kind are needed so thank you very much.

    I loved the chandelier and always wanted to make the plates.

    Maybe I’ll make my little lady today..she’s been in kit form too long!

    You’re wonderful!

    • Your plates are wonderful! The banner is made from tiny vintage paper garland someone gave me – the colors are great aren’t they? The chandelier is twisted wire and beads – it was a pretty spontaneous, seat of the pants creation.

  2. What a joyful start to the morning!

    Loving the chandeliers (and the tip re: weighted mice bottoms 😉 ). I have a large-ish bead collection and now have a vision of swags of miniature chandeliers flitting thru my head. Hmm, I think I have a project for the days ahead!

    Thank you for the always enjoyable and inspiring posts! Stay healthy!!

  3. Sherry Considine

    This lovely scene made my day! Your ideas are amazing. Every detail from the wallpaper to the tiny tea cups♥️ Thank you for sharing.

  4. Absolutely adorable! I have made 4 of your mice, two boats, four song bird’s, one owl, and hope to make one of your crows? As soon as you post for sale the crow pattern, I will buy it, and quickly be fast at work!
    Thank you Anne for your designs and tiny treasures. They are always a joy to see and make. Love them ❤️

  5. How simply adorable! I love this idea and all the simple lovely details. Thank you! Plan on making your boats with a friend on Tuesday. We can hardly wait!

  6. Thank you so much Ann for this lovely post. It is so full of inspiration and Joy. That chandelier is amazing and I feel I will be checking out my earrings for beads! Your posts are a highlight and I so appreciate seeing new ones and going back to check on your previous creative newsletters. You touch my miniature loving heart ❤️

  7. Sarah Lowes

    Absolutely enchanting and the mice really do look so cheerful – especially the one with the pink rose on her head – and who wouldn’t?!

  8. What a fabulous House for Mice posting. We all have tiny trinkets that have been shelved for some other time, in case of need. I have a ton of perfume mini bottles, so these will make a nice addition to their abode. Thanks for sharing your creativity. I did make the family of 4 mice from your pattern.

  9. Judy Hembrow

    This is so cute Ann. I love it all. I’m working on a mouse house with a client of mine. Inspired by the muizenhuis in Amsterdam central childrens library, check it out, I think you would love it. ❤

  10. Love all your creations, but this one tops them all. So wonderful. The little girl in me is smiling so hard.

  11. I absolutely love tiny things and when I was a kid I used to spend hours making little doll houses for my tiny teddy bear. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous mouse house!

  12. Oh what a lovely idea! It is indeed joyful! I think I might make your dastardly owl which I’ve been coveting for a long time if we end up in lockdown. Thanks for sharing some lighter moments in life, always welcome x

  13. Lynne Nicoletti

    Thank you so much, ann, for this charming respite. Your work is always beautiful but today’s was especially welcome and delightful. Keep well. Lynne

  14. Thank you for the delightful post full of inspiration, innocence and imagination. Just what my spirit needs in these difficult times. And lots of fun things to make while isolating oneself from the world!

  15. Ann, You are an absolute delight, as are all of your creations! I have enjoyed many happy hours using your patterns…please know that your art and generosity is appreciated beyond measure. XXOO (from a safe distance).

  16. zannmanning

    “…you know how mice are.” Yes, and these mice especially! They would make anyone smile and are so appreciated in these crazy times. Time to stitch. Stay well &, as always, thanks for your generous sharing. It is truly like a lifeboat in a rocky sea right now.

  17. Esmeralda

    I love this so much! Can you tell us how to make the other things in the room too?

  18. Oh, my goodness! I love everything about this and it is exactly the kind of thing I would have done in my childhood doll house. I still have it and my boys play with it a bit still but I have plans for it when it is not something they reach for anymore (which I think is soon.) I will raw from your inspiration. Your scene reminds me so much of one of our favorite books, The Mouse Mansion. Have you seen it? I think you’d love it, too.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely work. Was recommended by The Prudent Homemaker blog.

  19. Thank you so much for being so generous in sharing your ideas. I’ve loved reading the stories and they’ve cheered me up no end.

  20. Cynthia Parker

    Dear Ann. As always I am inspired by your work. I, too, have always been fascinated by the mini world! Always making fairy houses inside and out side as a child. I know you sell many of your creations. But I’m having a hard time parting with mine. It’s like they are a part of me. I give them away as gifts sometimes. They are starting to pile up. . One thing evolves into another. I’m anxious to try the birds and boats! Happy sewing!!

  21. Mael Sanchez

    Bendiciones del cielo para ti Ann. ¡Gracias por compartir! Me encantan los objetos y manualidades en miniatura. Es maravilloso haber encontrado tu espacio para aprender y realizar con mis propias manos. Eres una maestra estupenda y puedo apreciar que todo lo que haces lo haces con amor. ¡Gracias!

  22. Ellen messer

    Very nice mouse house. It is good to do something for pure joy.

  23. Christine Robertson

    Oh, this is pure poetry!!!!Soooo lovely! I loved the chandelier!

  24. It is wonderful: “Make something entirely for Joy. 100% JOY” It is a treasure to receive this. Thank you! And long live the mouse house

  25. This is so adorable!
    Did I miss it? What is the house itself made from? A box?

    I can’t wait to make these little mice and a room just for them ♥

  26. Laura Bantock

    I’ve been bracing myself for taking a nice dive for pure joy into creating some of your patterns – I’ve already made mice for my granddaughter that in her 3 year old voice tells me are “pocket mice” they are my friends, exactly what I hoped from her…. So, brings me to the question, how do I build this house? as someone else asked, is it part of a box or ?

    • The house is really just one wall – a piece of foam core – it does say so in the post.

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