house for a mouse : make mini chandeliers and a bed

doll house diy

Making a cozy house for nice mice: part 2 – the bedroom

If you haven’t checked out Part 1 find it right here.


doll house furniture tutorials

mouse house tutorials

mouse house diy

The Admiral escorts Mrs. Croft off to bed.


doll or fairy bed diy



Of course they need a bedroom too, a cozy escape from the trials of the day.  The tutorial for their dear little wire bed is here.




dollhouse chandelier diy

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The fancy chandeliers are made from vintage beads and buttons and *24 gauge wire. Any wire small enough to fit through your beads will work. Improvise and work with what you’ve got – that is the spirit of the mouse house. I didn’t have a ton of beads – I gave most of them away a while ago – what was I thinking… So I took apart a couple vintage earrings, found a few glass buttons and beads and some tiny plastic seed beads.

I’ve got some tips below to get you started:

dollhouse chandelier diy

Make a circle of beads on your wire – whatever size you like. Twist 3 or four wires onto the ring – with a short end and a long end.

dollhouse chandelier diy

I used four wires – spaced out pretty evenly around the circle of beads.

dollhouse chandelier diy

Add a bead or button to the short ends and curl them up.

Twist a bead or button to one end of another piece of wire.

Add several more beads.

dollhouse chandelier diy

Pull the beaded wire up through the circle of beads.

dollhouse chandelier diy

Keep the wire you just beaded in the center and bend the 4 other wires down. Space them out  and trim them to about the same length.

dollhouse chandelier diy

Bend the center wire into a loop for hanging and wrap the end around the other wires.

dollhouse chandelier diy

Finally curl and bend down the other 4 wires.

That’s one possibility and there are endless others – what could you improvise with? I’d love to see what you come with – use  #mousehousediy on instagram to share.


mouse house tutorials


  1. Anonymous

    I think a painted, broken rubber band would make a great scarf or bow

    • Anony-mouse

      And you should have classical music coming from a radio
      While some mice “play” some instruments

  2. Your emails brighten my day and make me smile. Thank you
    I will use some of your ideas and make a mouse habitat

  3. Yvonne M

    Making miniatures is so addicting. I have wire and beads and you’ve inspired me to have a go at both the chandeliers and the sweet wire beds. You are so generous with all you share.

  4. Stephanie Renwick

    “With the exception of Admiral and Mrs. Croft, who seemed particularly attached and happy (Anne could allow no other exception even among the married couples) there could have been no hearts so open, no tastes so similar, no feelings so in unison, no countenances so beloved.”
    Persuasion by Miss Jane “Mousey” Austen 🙂

  5. Sheila Earhart

    I’m fairly new to your blog and I absolutely LOVE it! You are so generous and talented, and the wonders you create are beyond delightful. Your blog is 100% JOY to coin your phrase! Thank you! I am transported in many directions every time I read your posts. Thanks a million!
    – Sheila
    (Transplant in Nebraska

  6. Jean Blythe

    All your little mice and dolls and miniture items are adorable!! I’m so excited to have found your blog. A friend saw your free chicken pattern and shared the link with me and some other friends. We are the Sparkly Chicken FB group, about 10 or 11 of us. We have shared chicken blocks in the group through our now defunct Yahoo group. We are planning to make chicken for each other using the pattern and give them all some sparkle with beads, embroidery and such. Thank you so much for your very creative blog!

  7. Virginie

    They look happy ❣️ Thanks for all you share. Fairy world.

  8. I have a dolls house, that I can’t bare to part with, that my children have long since outgrown. You’ve inspired me to make it into a work of art. Thank you!

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