the hundred day stitch book

about the stitch book:

Stitch along with me!  I’m participating in the hundred day project and using a textile book as my project. My daily progress will be posted here and on @annwood instagram stories. If you’d like to sew along with me use #annwoodstitchbook and #annwoodpattern on instagram.  You don’t have to commit to the hundred days to sew along but If you would like to more details are here.

Find a full tutorial for making the book here. Stitch your pages before you assemble the book. I’m sharing it now so you know where we are headed. Plus it’s a really cool way to make a textile book that you could use for all sorts of things.

For the one hundred day project my suggestion is 15 minutes per day. The book has 20 pages including the front and back covers so each page is stitched for 5 days, 15 minutes per day. So do-able! Over achievers feel free to do more. As I’m stitching and sharing I’ll include some simple prompts and suggestions in case you’re feeling stuck.

Find the page template and more about how to get started here.

day 100!




Update on day 12:

I was super nervous about committing to another daily practice. I’m already pretty stretched time-wise with various personal enrichment stuff. But the 15 minutes seemed manageable and it has been so far. I look forward to it and it’s amazing how that little chunk of time adds up over the 5 days spent on each page.

The hardest part is starting. I’ve got a couple tips for days when you’re feeling stuck.

* Make a bold move. A big shape. Don’t worry about it just do it. It’s a yes and process.

* Save the scraps when you cut around a shape – those unintentional shapes are intriguing.

* Use a color you never use.

* Add constraints – for example – decide you’re only using shades of red for a page, and/or commit to a shape – I love the idea of exploring a single shape – maybe just circles or just X’s – you get the idea.

Are you participating? Do you have tips to share or a link to your progress? Let us know in the comments.



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  1. Thank you Ann…
    I’m looking forward to this!! I’ve been a crafter for years so I have a ton of stuff plus my 86 year old mom was a crafter back in the day and she has held on to all of her things and she lets me rummage for stuff!!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  2. Leslie Rodgers

    I’m in too, inherited my dad’s old suits, too worn out for anyone to wear, but plenty of life left in the fabric. I think they’ll make interesting pages.

  3. Hi Ann,
    I’ve been reading your emails for a little while now & love your work & style. I love the idea of using scraps to create anew
    Thank you

  4. I just love your work and so happy to be doing this challenge! I’ve been making cloth dolls for years but lately I’ve been feeling the need to try something different. I’m already getting lots of ideas for my pages! Thank you!

  5. Hi! I just discovered you, and this challenge, from your Pinterest link. A sister scrapper! Cool!
    I’ve started making scrap tags to go on my keychain, so instead of book pages I think I’ll just keep making tags and pretend they’re book pages. 🙂 I’ve acquired much Japanese vintage textiles and I love every little tidbit. The Japanese saying goes something like, “if you can wrap two beans in it, it’s a large enough scrap to keep and use.” Happy Stitching! ~b.

  6. I’m a weaver, spinner, natural dyer and have been stitching Japanese boro for years. I put a link to your post on my blog, hope lots more people join in the fun. Thank you for the inspiration. Jean

  7. wonder_yarm_n_thread

    I’m late but willing, 15 minutes a day seems doable for me at the moment, lots of time constraints but also lots of stuff to play with

  8. Thank you for sharing your creative ideas. The little book is perfect for me right now. I need to slow down, and 15 minutes will be peaceful rather than pressuring myself to do as much as possible til my hands hurt. Happy stitching everyone.
    Annie (Australia)

  9. I’m on a road trip in Western Australia, so I’m doing this 100 day challenge in the Australian bush, in the serenity of nature, bird life and the great outdoors. I stitch everywhere I go. Thanks Ann.

  10. Hi, Ann, this is a great project! Does the pattern for the rectangle (7 by 5.5 inches) include the seam allowance? Thank you!

  11. I’m going to try and follow along but I have several other projects on the go so we’ll see how I do with time management. I am wondering how everyone gets organized? Do you go at it all at once and pre-set little kits of things to use or do you do one at a time and pull all the bits you think you’ll use out? I’m finding that part a little overwhelming.

  12. Thanks for sharing Ann. I’m not doing the 100 day project this year but I am definitely going to do this next year, seems like such a lovely way to spend 100 days!

  13. Deb Taylor

    Dear Ann….thank you so much for your inspirations, patterns and tutorials….I’ve been stitching owls, boats and I’m beginning a book * your tab method is brilliant. I’m on my way to contribute to Free Patterns. You are such a gift. Thank you

  14. Wow I spent 3 days trying to make the book. For me it was very confusing but I did manage to figure it out! I did number but wanted a certain cover and back. It through me off! Now what goes inside this challenging little gem?

  15. Wendy Todd

    I just love this fabric book and yes I am going to take part but I think I will be starting a month behind everyone…….maybe I will just do eight pages and see how l get on.

    Thank you for the wonderful news letters each month so much talent and great fun plus I get to use up some of my precious fragments, I’m a happy stitcher.

    Thank you Ann

  16. Sheryl McGettigan

    I love this fabric book too! It’s been fun so far. Getting organized has been challenging but I think I have it now. I am an embroiderer so there is a heavy influence on that in my book.
    Thanks Ann for another fun and clever project.

  17. Cherry Peterson

    I have only been stitching for 2-3 years and not often during long periods of time since I was still working a lot. I now have more time and I still have been putting this off, since the day I read about your 100 project. It is what I need, commitment, but I have still stalled. In one of your posts, you said, something like “JUST DO IT”. So today, the rain has kept me in doors and I finally printed off the book size template. I am committing. Thank you Ann. I love all your work.

  18. Heidi Becker

    Hi, when we finish the pages and start following the instructions to make the book, if you want a title page or front cover would that have to be ‘page 1’ in the make?

  19. annwood

    Hi Heidi – yes – have you watched the video? It demonstrates exactly how the book assembles.

  20. Alice Reidel

    Thank you so much Ann !
    I am always looking forward to see your next posting filled with beautiful work and ideas.
    The book project is another one! I love books, my dad was a printer/publisher and me being a fabric person this is the perfect fit!

  21. Alice Reidel

    I am always looking forward to see your next posting filled with beautiful work and ideas.
    The book project is another one! I love books, my dad was a printer/publisher and me being a fabric person this is the perfect fit!

  22. Sharon Stanley

    I absolutely love your completed book and would love to try one. My question…you mentioned it could be used for many things. I’d love to have some ideas as to what it could be used for. The older I get the less clutter I like so when I dive into a new project, I like it to have a practical use (other than being fun or pretty!) Thanks so kindly.

    • Great Question Sharon – It makes a great needle book or a place to save important scraps. It could be a soft book for a child or a travel journal. I’m making one on my trip to France next week. You could also add pockets and use it for important stuff !and organizing.

  23. kathleen

    I’m looking forward to making a book–the colors, textures and shapes you’ve used draw me in. I’m thinking of a theme for my book in order to narrow it down or I’ll be swimming in too many ideas :). There are too many themes to choose from!: circles; shapes inspired by Matisse cutouts; fabric scraps left from my mother and grandmother; leaves from my morning walks.—but I’ll start with something simple. Thank you very much for your inspiration and directions.

  24. Teckla Wattman

    I really like how easily the pages fit together, that is so clever! I have made a fabric book before but I used snaps to bind it together and add new pages or switch them around. Your idea is so much better! Now I want to make one of these too. Thanks for sharing! Who knew that a simple search for free cat patterns could lead me to so much inspiration? : )

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