ann wood in a mended dress

hi, I’m ann wood

I make sewing and craft patterns and blog about making things, creativity and getting stuff done. That all happens in a small and creaky studio with lots of plants and fabric in it.


small dolls in progress

a cozy spot and something to sew

That’s the magic formula. Everywhere I look there is some tiny scrap that wants to be a bird or an owl or pinafore etc. I particularly love to sew little things, it is quiet, peaceful, reliable and slow and it steadies me. There is always something and often someone in my pocket waiting to be stitched.


ghostly edwardian gown

where I’m from

I grew up in Massachusetts in a little red house with 2 little barns and woods all around. I come from sewing people, my mother, aunts and sisters all sewed. I still sew on my Mom’s old White Rotary sewing machine – the machine she taught me on. I remember my childhood through a lens of making things – that has always been the center of my world. And I was deeply fascinated by the forest that surrounded me, it shaped my imagination and the things I make today: enchanted toadstools, dastardly owls, gentle songbirds, tiny rag dolls and mischievous cats among them.


make something

Lose yourself for a while in the process. Indulge in peaceful hand stitching. Make something magical. There are lots of free patterns to try here and an always growing collection of kits, pdf and print patterns in the shop. Or spend some time with me, you can find a list of my current workshops here.

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say hello

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