wire doll bed diy

wire doll bed tutorial

Maybe you’d like to start a home for tiny foundlings. Or your mouse house needs a bed.
I’ve made you a diy just in case. When I started messing around with this I found the twisting and wrapping wire construction method pretty difficult so I experimented with other ways of fastening wire. I ended up with something that I think is way easier  to do (tape) and I’m super happy with the result. So happy I made a bunch, I am currently even extra obsessed with making things cozy.  And I like their wonky vibe, it’s a big part of their charm,  perfection should not be a goal in this project.

I’ve sized this bed for very nice mice but there are notes for enlarging it a little for the tiny rag doll or mr. socks. It’s a good idea to have socks or the tiny doll nearby while you make it to double check your fit.

wire doll bed tutorial

*This tutorial contains affiliate links – meaning I get a small commission if you purchase through the link – they are marked with an asterisk.

Notes on wire: I used 19 gauge galvanized wire in the demo – it’s pretty stiff. The easiest wire to use is this soft annealed *19 gauge black wire. If you have something else on hand give it a try. As long as it bends easily and holds it’s shape it should work.

Notes on tape: Masking tape and *floral tape both work. I made the demo with masking tape since it’s likely you have some of that. The floral tape makes a more invisible join but after making a whole bunch I prefer the masking tape functionally and aesthetically.

wire doll bed tutorial

Before we start putting the bed together let’s talk about finishing. Because I use  tape as the fastener I painted the whole bed. Both the galvanized wire and the softer black wire took the paint (acrylic craft paint) well. I recommend using darker colors or black.

And of course you’ll need a mattress and pillow. It’s super easy and you can sew by hand or machine.

download the mattress and pillow patterns

You’ll also need scraps of fabric a basic sewing kit and something to stuff with. Anything is fine – even toilet paper…

*If you opt to make a larger bed for the tiny rag doll add 2 and 1/2 inches to the length of the mattress template.

Cut out the mattress and pillow fabric and pin with the right sides of the fabric together.

Sew the seams leaving a small section open for turning.

Clip of the corners, turn the mattress and pillow right side out, stuff lightly and then stitch the openings closed.

The template includes a pillow case and you can find instructions for that right here.

make a wire doll bed

materials and tools:

needle nose pliers and wire cutters

19 gauge wire – this soft annealed is easy to work with

masking  tape or *floral tape – see the notes above

craft paint and brushes

wire doll house furniture tutorial

1. Cut all your wire pieces:

  • 2- 18 inch
  • 1- 10 inch
  • 2- 6 inch
  • 1- 10 and 1/2 inch
  • 1-  8 and 1/2 inch

If you would like to make a larger bed for miss thistle make the long pieces 20 and 1/2 inches instead of 18. Also cut an extra 10 inch piece.


2. Bend the 10 and 1/2 inch and  8 and 1/2 inch pieces into U shapes.

3. Bend each of the 6 inch pieces as shown – 1 and 1/2 inch from each end.

4. Bend the 10 inch piece into a rectangle with the ends overlapping (for the larger tiny rag doll bed make 2 of these).

5. All your ready to assemble parts should look like this.

6. Place the  6 inch support pieces inside the U shapes. Cut several small pieces of masking tape.

7. Match the ends of the wire  and tape one side tightly at the corner.  Notice the masking tape is at the edge of the wire with no overhang.  After you wrap burnish the tape with your finger to firmly stick down the edge.

8. Repeat for the other side and the other U shape.  These are your head and foot boards.

9. Curl the ends up with you pliers.

wire doll bed diy

10. Measure one of your long (18 inch) pieces 8 inches from one end.

11. Tape it to the larger U shape – the headboard – at the corner as shown.

12. Curve the end – you can either trim the extra and attach at the corner with tape  or make a curl  in the next step.

13. I opted for the curl – attaching with tape just above it.

14. Repeat  steps 10- 13 on the other side with the other 18 inch wire.

15. Bend the long ends forward – these are the sides of your bed.

16. Measure 4 inches out from the headboard on each and bend at a right angle.

If you’re are making a bed for the tiny rag doll or mr. socks measure 6 and 1/2 from the headboard instead of 4.

17. Attach one of the corners to one side of the footboard and tape. Attach and curl the end – just like you did  for the headboard.

18. Repeat for the other side of the footboard – bend and attach the wire to the footboard.

wire doll house furniture tutorial

19. And  curl the end.

20. Tape the overlapping ends of the rectangle.

21. Tape it to each side at the center of the bed. (Tape in two for the tiny rag doll.)

wire doll house furniture tutorial

Finished!  Jump to the top of the post for notes on painting and making the mattress.

If you make a wire bed I’d love to see – use #annwoodpattern on instagram.

wire doll bed

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wire doll bed : free tutorial


  1. What an ingenious project! Thanks for another inspiring project.

  2. jane beasley

    Lovely post, I’m always inspired by your makes, but was that a tongue in cheek comment about using toilet paper to stuff the mattress!!! Toilet paper is like gold dust in Uk at the moment – I’m not really sure why? As until pub shut at the W-e they were full of people! Panic buying and ignoring advice about social distancing don’t seem the best answer to the problem! Stay at home and make mouse beds I say!

  3. Dawn Gibbons

    I always love your work and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve tried to make wire beds but they’ve never really worked.
    Now I have a vision of a Princess and the Pea version with really high ends and lots of mattresses! Thank you 🙂

    • Christine Detrick

      OH! Yes, that is a great idea! I think I’ll try that too!

  4. Thank you, Ann! This is adorable! I hope you are doing well these days. Your blog and tutorials help us all cope with the situation. Stay well! We need you now more than ever!❤️


      I’d second that! Bless you Ann…you can’t believe how much I need your cheerful and whimsical posts….i am hoping to move myself into this project….and save my sanity! Thank you from my whole heart!♥️

  5. Oooh I can hardly wait till the next rainy day to make this adorable bed! Thank you for keeping our hands busy these days!! XO

  6. So cute! Love them! I remember making beds for my trolls…okay, 55 years ago :-)…out of tomato packages…I would have LOVED these! Bet there is a little girl out there somewhere who might still like a tiny doll and bed…I can think of one already!

  7. Gail Federowicz

    Thank you for the fun mini bed project. I may have to piece a tiny quilt to go on it

  8. Lynne Nicoletti

    This is gorgeous, ann. Thank you so much for offering a bright spark to our day. Keep well.

  9. Constance Muller

    Genius! Thank you Anne for this and also the chandelier tutorial today. Sending sparkles.

  10. Nina Bagley

    as soon as I saw your group bed photo, I was instantly reminded of the Madeleine story books ♥️. These are delightful!

  11. Totally adorable. In the late 1980s I worked with a wire artist (wholesaler) and had him design plate holders and bowl holders for my pottery displays for shows. It was a fun experience, and over the years we designed many things together. I never took payment, but he gave me bulk prices no matter what I ordered. He made large scale doll beds, much like yours—and they were so cute…JUST like yours. Airy and fanciful, it was lots of fun to see something similar again!


    Thank you so much for sharing your talent Ann,I adore these little beds can’t wait to make one. Take care……

  13. Sylvie Gauthier

    Thank you su much for your lovely tutorial! Merci!

  14. Marla Jones

    So so cute!!! My mom wants one and if she doesn’t make one herself, I will make one for her. I made my little mouse this week and it has been keeping me company with my activities. I think he needs a bed now. Thank you!!!

  15. Thank you, with all my heart, truly! You are a shining light for all of us with your generous creative spirit and caring nature … your entire online world brightens even the darkest days ❤
    Thank you

  16. Stay healthy Ann!
    We need you in our lives to survive!

  17. Anne Sefton

    Thank you Ann for showing us how to make these oh so cute wire beds, exactly what I need for my dolls house ! I had been thinking I would need to try making them from thin wood sold for miniature making, but this is so much easier and nicer I just love your whimsical style, it is so me. By the way, before I married, my name was Anne Wood

  18. I’ve worked quite a bit with (mostly steel) wire and have found it useful and makes it easier on the hands to wear an old pair of unlined soft leather dress gloves, found inexpensively in ysed goods stores. Love those little beds!

  19. This is so sweet and so much „Ann-Wood“ – thank you with a hug. You put so much work in the instructions – I think we all appreciate it.

  20. This is just what I need for our Pooh club House. Piglet didn’t have a bed. Thanks Anne!

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  22. Kathleen James

    I have made the little bed today, absolutely delightful. Only problem is, Florrie my needle felted mouse seems very taken with it. I guess I’d better get making the mattress.

  23. Jackie Marsh Ward.

    I love this little bed so much, now plan to make one for my little witches doll house. Thank you for being so inspiring.

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