doll house bed tutorial – part 2 : making the mattress

free doll mattress tutorial

This tufted doll mattress and pillow fit the clothespin dollhouse bed perfectly. It’s quick and easy to make and perfect for the tiny rag doll.

how to make a tufted doll mattress

You will need:

doll mattress sewing tutorial


1. Cut out the mattress from cotton fabric, pin with right sides together and stitch as shown.

2.  Pull the fabric sides apart at the corners

3. Open the seam allowance with your fingers and press the seams together. Stitch across at 1/4 inch. Do this for all 4 corners.

doll mattress sewing tutorial


4. With all four corners sewn the mattress should look like this.

5. Turn the mattress right side out and stuff

6. Close the opening with the ladder stitch or little whip stitches.

doll mattress sewing tutorial


7.  Place the pattern on the mattress and poke through with a pencil to mark the tuft locations.  Mark both sides. When you place the pattern match up the seam lines on the pattern with the mattress seams to get accurate placement.

(Click the images for a larger view)

8. Use embroidery thread and a long needle to sew the tufts. You can use this method for hiding your knots. Begin by making a knot on one of your tuft marks.

9. Stitch straight through to the  mark on the other side. Stitch through two or three times, pull as snug as you like and knot. Repeat for all the tufts.

10. With all the tufts sewn use you embroidery needle to move stuffing around where needed.

doll house bed tutorial

The mattress is finished! You need a tiny pillow and case.


doll pillow sewing tutorial


1. Cut out the pillow and case fabric. Pin with right sides together and stitch as shown.  Trim off the corners of the seam allowance.

2. Turn the pillow right side out, stuff it and stitched closed.

3.  Leave the pillow case inside out and turn the open edge over about 1/4 inch. Place the pillow on it and decide how long you would like the case to be.

doll pillow sewing tutorial


4. Trim away about half the seam allowance and fold the edge over again. Stitch the hem. Turn the case right side out and put the pillow in.

doll pillow and case sewing tutorial

It’s so sweet I can hardly stand it.

doll mattress sewing tutorial

Place your sweet finished mattress on the bed.

doll mattress sewing tutorial

Put the pillow on top.  And make your tiny rag doll very cozy.

easy tufted doll mattress

Share your little beds and mattresses on instagram with hashtags #annwoodpattern and #missthistlesociety – I’d love to see! And stay tuned for more Miss Thistle Society projects.


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