9 creative project ideas for big folks and little folks



A terrarium  is an awesome project for big people or little people. There are a bunch of tutorials available in varying degrees of complexity – this one is specifically geared towards little people.   My advice would be to not get too locked in by details like the right kind of container or soil, or plants, adding charcoal etc. etc.. Improvise, work with what you’ve got and try stuff. Make a magical mini landscape.


This wax paper specimen collecting journal is another great idea for backyard or park adventures. If you can’t get outside it could be for collecting words and ideas.


Fabric scraps –  I love this sweet scrap bunting and  there are tons of fabric scrap ideas here and here and more here.

cardboard playhouse


Cardboard castles  and playhouses – I sure do love cardboard. Use whatever you’ve got to build a ship or castle or playhouse.


Fun kitchen projects for kids – the playhouse above is one of my most favorite projects of all time. I made it for Clare Crespo’s Yummy Fun Show.  So many cool kitchen projects to do with your little people. And super duper talented Clare has shared all the episodes right here.

paper mache teacups


Paper mache teacups –  Have you got a cereal box and  paper? Make a sweet paper mache teacup.  And you can make your own wheat paste!

paper ship and boat installation


Make an installation  – a cozy space for daydreams.  In the best of times I am obsessed with making things cozy. In the current deep uncertainty this impulse has gone into overdrive. Easy to make paper boats, simple and festive paper lanterns and scrap garland (plus twinkle lights if you’ve got them) could turn a corner into a magical space for daydreams.


Homemade journals – there is a great tutorial for making a journal from brown bags here and another from junk mail envelopes here.  Besides the fun of making the journal it’s a great time to get into the habit of a small daily creative practice- maybe a journal page a day – collage, drawing, collecting – whatever you like. Showing up everyday for a small daily practice is as close to a magic formula as there is for growing creatively.

guick figure expeiments created with paper and fabric


Play – You know what my most frequently asked question is lately- “ Where do you get your ideas? “ Such an interesting question.  Making a painting everyday has made a big difference in the quantity and quality of my ideas. And play is a huge part of it too. Messing around without being too concerned with the outcome. Try this 30 minute figure play session.

Check the free pattern page for even more ideas! And if you have a project or idea to share please leave it in the comments section.




  1. Wendy Bontempelli

    Love your creativity and your work. You are a talented artist with so many practical skills. You share, which is awesome.

  2. I have had these fabric lanterns on my want-to-make list for quite a while. If you don’t have spare embroider hoops, simply make cardboard hoops from cereal boxes or whatever. Those will be plenty stiff enough and will be covered by the fabric. The fabric can be patched from bits and scraps and embroidered too, rather than using a solid piece. Tutorial link below.

    I also wanted to add that my scraps exchange partner lives in England and the last I heard from her, she and her husband were not well but hoping it was only the regular flu. I do cherish the fabrics she sent to me. I have played and played with them and now I think some of them will be made into a small hanging lantern; maybe in lieu of a chandelier like Ann’s.


  3. Estela Stuart

    gracias! Por partillar tu imaginación y habilidad con los demás!

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