collecting words

One of my favorite parts of making paper mache ships ( and other things) is collecting words and parts of words and letters to include.  I’m always collecting them and when I’m ready to make something, or sometimes when I’m wandering and inviting inspiration I sort through the box –  I love the happenstance of it.





  1. I quilt, sew, craft (in other words: make things) and for years I’ve saved the labels on bolts of fabric. You know, the ones that show you all the colors, name of artist, etc. I would stitch them into garments, bags, quilts that I would make to identify the name of the fabric used in an item. I always thought it was a nice salute to the artist and manufacturer of the fabric. Love your birds and will be purchasing a pattern soon. Thanks…

  2. i too collect words – and use them in my mixed media artwork — often a single word combined with an image will cause amazingly intense responses. Love your work.

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