4 scrap projects to try and a peek at the next two patterns

craft projects made from scraps

Little projects, for your little bits of fabric:

1. Charming little houses by retro mama. So sweet! And I love her fabric combinations, the natural linen and bright prints. The full pattern and tutorial are both detailed and excellent and you can find them right here.

2. Fabric wrapped hangers. I’m happiest when I have busy hands. Things like paper mache that occupy my hands and relax my mind. Good thinking projects. I also like hangers that things don’t fall off of.

3. For your tiniest scraps darling little flags with a secret ingredient. Perfect for your paper castles and cupcakes and maybe paper mache boats?

4. Paper piecing is perfect summer sewing, something that travels well, beach sewing. This tutorial is great.

And pattern news:

Update 1/25/2019  – both of the sewing pattern below are complete and in the shop.


songbird pattern progress

The pdf version of the songbird pattern is just about ready to go. To drive myself crazy I’ve also been working on the print version at the same time and that will be right behind it. It has been a giant undertaking.

paper mache ship pattern progress

The paper mache ship pattern is at the printer as we speak. I’m picking it up next Monday. So  pleased to have it in print. It won’t be in the shop for a couple weeks because I’ll be traveling and teaching.

squam art fair

When I’m back I’ll turn it into a kit too. I am bringing the ship print patterns (and some ships) to Squam with me. Come say hi at the art fair next Saturday night, it’s such fun, there are twinkle lights and beer.


  1. Hello Ann,
    Lots of us are waiting for your new song bird pattern.
    Thank you for sharing all the effort it takes to put these together.
    Tremendous work. Makes all the waiting worth it.
    Thank you.

  2. Dorylyn

    Thank you so much for sharing your songbird pattern!! I appreciate all your hard work with this endeavor. I can’t wait!

  3. Yay!! Such a long awaited for pattern; one will be winging its way to the UK as soon as it’s available. Thank you so much for your time and creative juices in making all these lovely things available to us x

  4. To add to all the others, I await the paper version of the songbird pattern.
    Mins will be winging its way to Saskatchewan, Canada.Thank-you

  5. Suzanne Lee

    Cannot wait for songbird!!! I spent my whole Christmas making mushrooms. I absolutely love your patterns!!!!

  6. Oh my gosh and golly! That’s fabulous news. Thank you I love all your work and patterns x

  7. I shall await the pattern for the ship with anticipation.
    Enjoy your travels…

  8. leslie kenreich

    Can’t wait for the song birds. I have several of your patterns. I’m sure this was a really big project and you’re awesome for doing it.

  9. Velia Antila

    With larger scraps one a make, coasters, pot holders with felt or quilt fillers. I really do not have tiny scraps to save, so I have found usage for the ones I do from quilt making. Which I also use for my ,3,4, & 5″dolls’ costumes

  10. Ciao. Sono un’artista italiana di Milano
    Mi chiamo Angela Caremi amo i tessuti
    Le tue parole sono uguali alle mie.
    Mi piacerebbe incontrarti.
    Ciao. Angela

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