dioramas at squam

If you visit here often you know that June was mostly a traveling and teaching month for me beginning with a diorama class at Squam. It’s a fun class to teach and I always learn a bunch too, in preparing as well as the class experience. There is always magic in that class. The magic in people who show up for it and experiment, magic in that forest, and always in that gathering.

play house gathering at squam

It continues to be one of my most favorite places.  Elizabeth Duvivier invented Squam and she invented me as a teacher.  She was willing to give it a shot so I was too. Teaching continues to change and expand me like nothing else. The students this spring experimented and stretched, were open and willing and supported each other, I loved being part of it.

charming assemblage figure

diorama detail - antique bottle with lichen

squam diorama figure

diorama detail

Gathering things for this class is an adventure and I love having permission to roam around and acquire lots of lovely old things to share. Things I feel some spirit in. And there is also so much to find in that giant oak forest.  After class I like to wander around and look for the intersection of real and make believe that intrigues me so much.

tiny rag doll in the forest

a little hand stitched toadstool in a big forest

P S – I’ll be back at Squam this fall and I’m in the planning stages for 2019 workshops now and will be headed South for the first time. I’m rolling ideas around for that – what would you like Southern friends?


  1. I think these are really fun. We made similar things once at church family camp. I don’t live in the sout and won’t be attending, but just had to tell you that your approach to art making is delightful.

  2. Gerry Burklow

    Owls for sure… maybe an assemblage class… please come south, it will be wonderful whatever you decide

  3. Delighted you are heading South! Hope I can join in!

  4. I am delighted by your work and how you capture it on your blog., I’m hopeful that your trip south comes near to me! I would love a class on your botanicals – they’re my favorite. I’ve made 3 mushrooms so far, with a few more in progress. Awhile back you hinted that there may be other botanical patterns in the future. LOVE following your blog and looking at your photos – so cozy and inspiring! Thank you for all of it!

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