how to make a tiny bicorne hat

colorful handmade pirate birds with fancy bicorne hats (you should make one)

They are such fun to make. I want to put a bicorne on everything. I might start wearing one (kidding). You just need a few scraps and a few minutes.  I’ve made you a template in two sizes, one just right for little birds and another that is perfect for mr. socks. He likes to dress up like a pirate once in a while too.  Who doesn’t.

mr. socks dressed up like a pirate

mr. socks : sewing pattern

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materials for making a pirate hat

You will need:

The template pdf, wool felt, bright fabric scraps, embroidery thread, a couple sequins and/or some metallic embroidery thread, pinking shears and basic sewing supplies.

1. Cut out 2 felt pieces for the hat and 2 accent pieces.Use pinking shears for the curved part of the accent pieces.

2. Whipstitch the accent fabric to each felt piece with embroidery thread and stitch on a little sequin and fabric scrap to one of the pieces.

3. Place the two pieces together and  blanket or whip stitch the top together. You can find a video of the blanket stitch here – just make the stitch length much smaller.

how to make a little felt pirate hat

handmad pirate bird with a fancy bicorne hat

handmade pirate birds made from fortuny textiles

little bird pattern

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handmade pirate birds made from fortuny textiles

There are tips for piratizing birds here and if you make a tiny pirate hat I’d love to see! You can use #putabicorneonit on instagram.

template and instructions for making a tiny pirate hat


  1. Belinda Paterson

    hello. still following your page. will this fit the tiny doll you made and could you try a bonnet? thanks

  2. Super cute and I am very excited, thank you. I am in the middle of making the large sailing ship and will need a captain. I have the forest folk pattern and thought I might make a squirrel instead of an owl (the pattern of which I also have). The trick will be getting the ears to not keep popping off the hat.

  3. I think I fancy doing a tiny pirate doll! With some pirate mice & a ginger cat! I have an old coat just the right colour for the cat!! Thanks for your lovely ideas & blog.

  4. I have become enchanted by sewing these nice mice. Seven mice we have now and one tiny quilt boat. We have main house mouse, upstairs mouse, country mouse (he lives in the shed), kitchen mouse with a white apron, the sweet bookshelf sisters, and Sir parlor mouse. My children love them and the stories we have created around each. Thank-you so much.

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