easy to make rag doll shoes : a free tutorial

doll shoe diy

Easy to make and elegant. I love an expressive foot. Who doesn’t. Most of the dolls I make wear shoes,  even when they are otherwise nude,  and I usually sew them on like the elegant slippers above.

felt doll shoe diy

elegant rag doll sewing pattern


If you prefer something removable  you can make these sweet felt lace up shoes. Both are easy and will work for any doll with a simple, straight rag doll foot. I’ll show you how to make the stitched on shoe first.

Get the complete elegant rag doll sewing pattern here.

stitched on doll shoes

Trace your doll’s feet onto doubled fabric (I’m using light cotton). Trace about 1/8 of an inch from the edge of the foot.

Stitch along the lines.  You can stitch by hand or machine but I think machine is better for this. Either way use very small stitches.

rag doll shoe tutorial

Cut out each shoe leaving a small seam allowance.

Clip notches around the toes.

Cut a slit down the middle – a little more than half way –  on one side  of each shoe. Turn them right side out.

doll shoe how to

Place the foot in the shoe and tuck each front side in.

easy to make doll shoe

Begin to whip stitch the folded edge of the shoe to the foot.  At the center make several neat little stitches close together to cover the bit of little raw edge at the center of the V.  You could also use a decorative stitch (like blanket stitch) and embroidery thread  here  to attach the shoe to the foot if you would like an extra fancy slipper.

rag doll shoe diy

Continue to stitch the folded edge, tucking in the corners at the sides, until the slipper is stitched all the way around. Finished!

Keep reading for the lace up shoes.

how to make rag doll shoes

how to make the lace up felt doll shoes

felt doll shoe diy

Trace your doll feet about 1/8th inch from the edge of the foot (see the first step above). For felt it’s easier to trace onto paper and make a little pattern to pin to the felt.

PS – You could use any non fraying material for these shoes.

Stitch around making sure to back stitch at the beginning and end about 1/4 inch. Use very small stitches.

Cut out each shoe leaving a very small seam allowance.

Cut a slit down the middle – a little more than half way –  on one side  of each shoe. Turn them right side out.

rag doll shoe diy

Trim the corners – round or however you like.

felt doll shoe diy

You could call it a day right here if you like, your doll is shod,  or keep reading to add the laces.

doll shoe with laces

Use a fine point marker to make three dots on each side.

felt doll shoe tutorial

Use a long length of embroidery thread and begin at the top of one side. Leave a tail of several inches and stitch as shown.

felt doll shoe diy

Tie a knot and then a little bow if you like. And maybe another knot so it doesn’t come loose. Trim the ends and you’re done!

doll shoe tutorial

pin it for later

I hope you make some sweet little shoes!

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doll shoe tutorial


  1. Jane Miller

    Just in time to make my doll a pair of shoes. I received my doll making kit a few days ago and it is amazing…though I didn’t expect anything else but marvelous! Love all of your work…and thanks!

  2. Very nice and easy, can be made with scraps of leather or upholstery fabrics, thanks. I also make boots for my 5-6″ dolls of those materials.

  3. I purchased the rag doll pattern from you early last year. Made 3 for Christmas for the little girls. They loved them. Made extra clothing so they could really play. Can’t WAIT to see the larger doll pattern.

  4. Marion Symonds

    A wonderful tutorial which is very much appreciated. Thank you indeed Ann.

    Marion UK

  5. Susanna Di Milo

    lovely thank you, what clear instructions and beautiful photography!

  6. Thank you Ann!
    This was just what I needed to push me to make shoes for the doll I made ….. ohhhh ….. a few years ago! But now I know just the fabric to use, maybe I can even finish her to put her in my handicrafts exhibition this coming week! We’ll see, tee hee!
    Thank you again for the super tutorial, much appreciated!
    Barbara xx

  7. I absolutely adore these little shoes ! Thank you again for the free tutorial, and cannot wait to get the bigger doll patterns for my 2 girls! My 2 boys 5 and 7, also love playing with them! I’m making them Mr. Socks and a few mice!

  8. Frances Camiller

    Lovely Ann, beautifully illustrated and explained. Thank you very much!


    Great. I can’t wait to buy the larger rag doll patterns. My dream will come true!!
    Many thanks, Marilina

  10. Diane Powell

    Even using small stitches, I have a very difficult time sewing tiny things. How you sewed the toe of that shoe is beyond me! Do you have any tips?
    Thank you, your work is wonderful.

  11. Marilina

    Hi Ann. I was wondering if the large rag doll pattern will be available before mothers day? Regards, Marilina

  12. Both shoes are sweet but my fav is the little felt lace-up shoe. Thanks for sharing!

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