an immodest doll in her scandalous entirety

an immodest doll

Except for her jewelry and 18th century silk slippers – she is unabashedly and completely nude.    And just when you think she couldn’t be any more scandalous she even drops her diaphanous wrap.

an immodest doll

an immodest doll

Please meet Esmé – my first naked lady – a recent doll experiment.

I put the sketchbook practice on vacation for a couple weeks to free up time to experiment with dolls – in preparation for my Squam class next week.  I have had a blast.  I wanted to practice some things I’d like to demonstrate, come up with some templates and practice pattern making on the fly – quick and messy.  I also wanted to try to get a sense of what this class will feel like to participants and  look for ways to help people feel free and playful.

B.B. Wolf

I’ve made a bunch of things I’ll show you in a couple weeks – spontaneous things.  I sit down with a little pile of material and try stuff.  The bad wolf above was an exercise in quick pattern making – making a super rough sketch and turning it into pattern pieces in about 30 minutes.  I sewed up the parts and it had all sorts of problems but I accidentally landed on some things I like too. Now I’m sculpting from the outside and adding details.

B.B. Wolf

The quick experimenting has been good for me –  given me a million ideas.  If you are attending the workshop you are getting a doll maker on fire.  And some of the things I’ve been working on will eventually become sewing patterns (the mr. socks – one of my other quick experiments- pattern is in the works).  So looking forward to the class and  the whole retreat next week –  I’ll tell you all about it when I get back.

P. S. I’ve been collecting lots of inspiring doll images on pinterest you check out here if you like.



  1. Oh, she is wonderful!!! What fun you’ve been having and lucky us that we get to share it with you. Thank you for your creative inspiration!

  2. Love Esme 🙂 and so excited to take your class next week! Been so looking forward to it. Have followed you over the years and tried your patterns from horses to boats to mice with the elderly that I work with. The last year or so I’ve been making Mimi Kirchner’s dolls and am ready to try something new. You inspire! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Genevieve C.

    I really love your wolf, I’ve following you for a while & I just wanted to say Thank you. You are very talented & I am trying to learn some of your techniques so I can show my 1 year old Granddaughter how to make & sew things.

  4. So looking forward to class next week! Who knows what creativity you may coax from your students?

  5. Great Esme, love it it is so different and talking and it made me as well have a big smile! If I lived in England I would love to come to your classes, perhaps one day…amitiés, Martine

  6. Lila Foster

    I love both, thank you for your motivation posts. They inspire me to keep designing and sewing

  7. I love your doll she has a lovely face the hardest thing to get right and the hair is great. The best doll you have made so far

  8. Thanks for sharing your creative process. I look forward to your weekly posts just to see what wonderful things you are doing. Esme is wonderful!

  9. Jaimie Sander

    The doll and wolf are both breathtaking! I am looking forward to the Mr.Socks pattern!!! Have fun at Squam!

  10. Connie Turner

    I love these tiny rag dolls although I’m not sure I could work so small. The embroidered faces are so evocative. How can so few lines and stitches make an expression! I realy enjoy reading about your process it does give me things to try for myself for motivation.

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