a sweet 19th century ghost

19th century ghost

It has such a spirit about it.  And it even smells and feels like it was just unpinned from the clothesline.  A lot of the Edwardian garments I get are formal, often black or brown – somber or special occasion things.  The everydayness of this ensemble paints such a picture – the generous side pockets in the polka dot skirt, the wear on the front of the pinafore apron where hands were dried a thousand times or a laundry basket rested.

antique pinafore

And that little straw hat – it’s tiny – pure style – not a sunshade – it would have been pinned to her head at an angle for walks in town.

19th century ghost

There is another pinafore apron that came with the group that was very stained and is already soaking –  I start with just hot water – sometimes that does the trick – then ivory laundry soap and  if necessary a mild dose of oxiclean.  All the buttons and fasteners are gone and lots of seams have let go but the quality of the fabric is extraordinary and much of it is sewable – the skirt has a bustle and that fabric is quite good.  I love it.  After pinning it together I did put it all on and swooshed around for a while.

I’ve had a string of good luck lately with garments after a long drought – I’m expecting more soon. The black skirt below turned up about a week ago – it’s ideal in every way. It has a big bustle and the fabric is good. The fades and patina are glorious and the brown lining is excellent – I’m already making dolls and owls.

black edwardian skirt

black edwardian skirt

And fresh from my worktable :  miss rose, miss parsley, miss iris, miss carnation, miss pearl and miss birch.

tiny rag dolls

Find The sewing pattern to make your own tiny rag doll and wardrobe here.


  1. I was wondering as soon as I saw the photo-did you try it on??? Such fun! I immediately thought of Daisy in Downton Abbey.

    • Hi Cindy – Trying it on – absolutely had to. Might do it one more time…. And DAISY!! yes – it is absolutely Daisy.

  2. You should wear it til it falls off of you in threads! Where do you find these lovely old clothes?

  3. I can’t tell you how much your blog cheered me, seeing that beautiful old dress hanging by your wonderful old cabinet…it just made my heart sing to see it hanging there, seeing your lovely dolls and needle books as well…I got out my needle and thread to start stitching. I’m so glad you wore the dress and swirled around too, such fun… thank you for your post!

  4. What a lovely garment! Where DO you find these? I’d love to wear clothes such as these, and the best I can do is to get some Folkwear patterns that are similar and make my own. Do you find these by luck, or on Etsy, or eBay?

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