tiny rag doll and wardrobe pattern

Find the pattern here.  And she has a tiny wardrobe : dress, reversible pinafore apron, bloomers and a camisole – there are full instructions for all. It’s a huge pattern with more than 80 color photos and tips to make small sewing easy and beautiful – like turning tiny pieces and hiding your knots.

tiny rag doll sewing pattern

tiny rag doll sewing pattern

How about those little clothespins? You can get your own here. They might be the best thing in the world.

tiny rag doll sewing pattern

And she has perfect tiny hair – the pattern shows you step by step how to create  it  easily – and the technique would work for other dolls too.  The sample page below ( page 17 in the pattern) is the end of the hair section and beginning of the feature section.doll pattern pageI hope you make tiny rag dolls and lots of outfits for them ( a winter wardrobe will be available later this year).   If you do I’d love to see – send photos to info at ann wood handmade dot com.

If you’re not inclined to make your own I’ll have some  more tiny rag dolls in the shop next week – sign up here to be notified when new things are available – there all all sorts of new things coming up in the next few weeks,

tiny rag doll pattern


tiny rag doll sewing pattern


  1. susan hall

    i’ve bought mine ! and now i know how you do the hair , very clever. i was intending to get stared sewing dolls today, but i put on my garden ing glove this morning and there was a large wasp in it , with predictable result ! sewing fingers out of order .
    maybe tomorrow .

  2. Lila Foster

    Thank you for sharing your technique for turning doll parts with a straw. I’ve been sewing dolls for over 30 years best idea ever!


  3. Alicia Danowski

    Absolutely adorable, all your little friends. I hope to see more. I would like to find a couple that I could really get to know, I have a couple real critters that would enjoy receiving one or two.

  4. I love making dolls. This came just in time. My sister bought me an antique doll cradle which is about 12’’ long. It was put together with square nails. Now my rag doll can have toy doll. Thanks

  5. OMG so cute!
    I can’t crochet right now (because of carpal tunnel) but I still want to make the doll I’ve imagined, for my sister, for x-mas so I’ve moved on to sewing!
    Thanks for the help I really appreciate it! 😀

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