make a miniature camping scene with this doll tent diy

The spot was chosen long ago. A cool and sheltered little rise in the foothills of the mountain, far above her home in the Green Valley. Generations before her have come here each year in summer to  gather berries and mushrooms and herbs.

miniature tent, campsite and doll with miniature dishes and a paper chicken

The camp is neat and cozy. She has a stove and a camp fire for warmth.  A favorite hen comes along for companionship. The days are long and the work is hard, joyful and satisfying.

miniature tent, campsite and doll in forest

tent with ministure wood stove, teacup, stool, quilts and a pillow

She sleeps soundly in a big pile of quilts. The chicken does too. Her day starts at dawn with strong tea in her favorite cup and saucer.

The pattern and instructions for the tent are below. You might also be interested in tutorials for the stove, dishes, quilts and chicken  – find them all here.

You know who else loves to camp? Mr. Socks.

While he is a mostly “under the stars” kind of guy in certain situations he enjoys the comforts of a tent.

cat doll with mini tent and campfire

Let’s make the tent

It’s reversible and everything!  The size is perfect for the tiny rag doll or mr. socks and super duper easy and quick to make – you’ll be miniature glamping in about an hour.

download the tent pattern sheets

You also will need:

  • A basic sewing kit
  • 2 pieces of fabric – 16 X16 inches each
  • tape
  • embroidery thread or light string
  • optional – little scraps for patches
  • optional – laundry starch

materials and pattern sheets for doll tent

1.  Download and print the templates – there are two sheets.

2. Cut out the templates and tape them together to create one pattern piece. Fold one of your fabric pieces and place the pattern on the fabric with the top edge on the fold as shown. Cut out.

3. Unfold the fabric and place it – right sides together – on the other piece of fabric.

4. Pin and cut out.

5. Sew around the edge – 1/4 inch seam allowance – leaving open where indicated above.

6. Clip off the corners and clip at the center of each side – be careful not to clip the seams.

7. Use a chopstick to turn the tent right side out – use the stick to push the corners all the way out. Optional – add little patches. Fold the edges of the opening in and whip stitch closed.

8. Fold the flaps in and press. You can use a little laundry starch to make your creases sturdier.

9. Fold in half and press again.

10. Add  lengths of string or embroidery thread  on each side as shown – they should be about 7 inches long.

Plant a couple sticks in the ground (pro tip – use a skewer or chopstick to make the hole first) and wrap the tent strings around. Done! You can add more strings to make the flaps stay closed and add string ties to the bottom too if you like.

finished doll tent installed on sticks in front of flower garden

If you make a tent for somebody tiny I’d love to see! Use #annwoodpattern and #missthistlesociety on instagram or send a photo to info at ann wood handmade dot com.

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  1. Regina Hawley

    This is so lovely. Thank you for sharing the tent tutorial.

  2. I love the story and the entire whimsical adventure of their camping lifestyle ! You need to write a book Ann ! A place to hold these stories forever

  3. Thank you, Ann! I love this! It’s perfect for our July challenge at the Tiny Rag Doll Nation Ravelry group. My grand niece will need one for her dolls too.

    Now to print the pattern and pick out fabrics.

  4. Linda Barnes

    Thank you Ann for all your hard work. Thank you for sharing. I am trying to downsize all of my “stuff” in every direction. Your patterns make be want to hang on to all of my tiny pieces that i have made myself let go of in the past. So this could go one of two ways, I keep everything, big, middle, and little when it comes to fabric, or…… get rid of the big and just keep the middle and little!

  5. Val @muse.fondue

    Squeeeeee!! This is so cute!! You really have a charmed life with your miniature friends!

  6. Constance

    Ann, love your camping set up so much. You are so creative and wonderful!

  7. I am downsizing it for my gnomes and fairies, I hope you don’t mind. I will send you a photo. You are so wonderful to share your pattern. I made a lovely mushroom from your pattern with what the shop owner said was glow-in-the-dark fabric but it wasn’t really. Still adorable, due to your instructions. Thank you!!!

  8. I love these glimpses into your lovely little world.

  9. Rita Franco

    Where did you get the charming little stool? I love miniatures!

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