miniature paper hens : free tutorial

miniature hen tutorial

Let’s make tiny chickens! So little and just the right size for tiny rag doll world. They are quick and easy to make and it’s fun to work on a bunch at once. I’m using crepe paper from a roll. Streamers work too but I think crepe paper from rolls and sheets is easier to work with. 

The hens are truly tiny, only about 2 inches from tail to beak. If you require a bigger little chicken I think it would be easy to scale them up.

lets’s make tiny paper hens!

miniature chicken tutorial

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download the template here

You will also need:

  • one inch *styrofoam ball
  • *crepe paper – sheets or streamers – sheets are easy to work with I think
  • glue stick – I love the *uhu stick for paper
  • scissors
  • optional – manicure scissors – super helpful for making little cuts
  • acrylic paint and brushes
  • white glue – elmer’s is good
  • a fine tip black marker

1. Cut out and trace the two tiny template pieces onto cardboard.

2. Cut two triangles into the flat top of the head to make the comb.

3. Push the pointed bottom of the head piece into the ball.

4. Push it in until the bottom corners are inside the ball.

5. On the opposite side of the ball push the pointed bottom of the tail into the ball.

6. Push it in until the corners are inside the ball. Your piece should look like this. Paint a little white glue along the edge where the cardboard meets the ball. Let this dry.

7. Paint the cardboard the same color as your crepe paper.  After the base paint is dry paint the comb area with red and the beak with yellow. It’s already pretty chickeny isn’t it.

8. Stretch your crepe paper – streamers aren’t that stretchy but sheets and rolls of crepe paper are. Cut two strips – one inch wide and about nine inches long each.

9. Fold each strip matching up the edges – the folded piece should be about two inches long.

10. Clip into one side with your scissors creating pointy fringe.

11. Unfold the strips and cut off a two inch piece.

crepe paper hen tutorial

12. Apply glue stick to the tail and wrap the two inch fringe piece around it. Use a little more glue to tack down the end of the paper.

13. Let that dry for a few minutes. While it’s drying cut 8 one inch pieces and 6 half inch pieces.

14. We’ll feather the hen from the back to the front, beginning with the one inch pieces of fringed crepe. Apply glue to a one inch piece – just to the non- fringed portion.

15. Apply it to the bottom – the edge should be about one quarter inch from the edge of the tail cover paper.

16. Glue another piece to the top.

17. And glue a one inch piece to each side.

18. Glue the next one inch piece to the bottom of the hen about one quarter inch away from the edge of the previous row – the fringe should overlap – concealing the edge of the first row.

19. Glue another one inch piece to the top.

20. And the last two one inch pieces on each side.

21. Apply glue stick to the un-fringed portion of a half inch piece. Match the edge and  corner of the paper to the comb and beak and glue in place – wrapping the back corner around the head.

22. Glue another half inch piece to the front under the beak.

23. And another half inch piece to the back just under the comb.

24. Round the corners of two of the half inch pieces.

25. Glue one to each side of the head.  Your chicken should be completely feathered – shape and smooth the hen a little with your fingers.

26. Optional – shape the tail by trimming it from the bottom.

27. Use the fine marker to make dots for eyes and put a little red paint under the beak on each side.

dollhouse hen diy

Hello little hen!!

If you make hens I’d love to see! Please use #missthistlesociety and #annwoodpattern on instagram or send images to info at ann wood handmade dot com.

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miniature hen tutorial


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