the new place : project 1

In the new place (upstairs from the old place) there is a little room in the back with big windows, and a view of sweeping, weeping pines that crows and ravens roost in. Guilford Connecticut has a crazy amount of crows. Also my little garden is right below. It’s the first thing I look at every morning.
The first project after getting basic order shipping capabilities set up was to make that room delightful. It had been laundry/storage. There was indoor outdoor stained carpeting, dingy paint, wire shelves and great potential for charm. You can check out a before below- almost a before – I had already torn the carpet out.

Under the carpet was just a plywood subfloor. I painted a super simple gray and white check. The paint job is light for a worn in feel. Plus that was quick and easy to do and I like the softness of it. The walls are painted bright white (Benjamin Moore Snowfall White). And the curtain fabric is from India via Etsy.

The laundry closet is covered with a textile gift from a friend, a Peruvian (I think) poncho. I stitched the neck opening closed and added inexpensive rings. It is magically exactly the right size with no further alterations.

It’s a place I love to be. The light and breeze are excellent. There is room for a cardboard castle and all the other essential things. This place is for painting and sketching and some photography.

One of the many reasons for making a painting everyday is the wealth of ideas they generate. Most recently the funny little cats that wander through the many little towns in those paintings became a sewing pattern . You can find the free happy cat pattern right here.

Project 2 is the sewing room. Stay tuned for more on that. It is also currently full of potential to be delightful.




  1. Maureen Esposito

    It’s charming! Can’t wait to see the sewing room ❤️

  2. What a clever, creative, happy space. The floor is great. You must smile every time you walk into that room

  3. Jean Miller

    Your painting room is beautiful and the result of hard work that gives an effortless, casual look. I know you will enjoy so many hours of creating there. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us all.

  4. Sharon Stanley

    So full of magic and enchantment….just the place such kitties would hang out if they could climb a tree and tap on the window. Thanks for the pattern!

  5. Love the cats! Colony on the way.
    This summer I have sorted some of my fabric stash…currently there are three
    very full Rubbermaid big tubs and a pile on top of quilty yardage, FQ’s, and scrap.
    I think you understand?

    • I do indeed – I am doing the exact thing right now! Sorting by color is life changing.

  6. Elaine Lim

    I’ll be right over!! Your Magic Special Place is wonderful.
    I’m sure you’ll become friends with the crows and ravens. I have your crow (and owl pattern too) and hope get around to making them this winter.
    Thanks do much, Ann, for sharing all your patterns and information with us. The newest cat is also in my queue with the others!!

  7. It looks just perfect for creating. I love all the light. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your new digs. Love the cat pattern, too. Thank you.

  8. Ann Regal

    A beautiful space to create and dream. You inspire me to continue working on a small upstairs bedroom in my home that currently serves as a catch all. Mostly stacks of fabric and half finished projects that no longer serve me. Can’t wait to see your sewing room transformation! Thank you for being a guiding light!

  9. Kudos to you, Ann, for a lighthearted makeover of the formerly not-so-pretty room.
    Perfect touches, especially the floor!

  10. I would love to know more about the two horses on the wall, Ann. Did you make them? The dapple grey is especially delightful!

  11. It’s very beautiful. I don’t have a room to paint or sew. You’re blessed.

  12. Ann – the room is so cozy – and will be fun to see how you work in it. Can’t wait to see the sewing area too! Thank you for the new cat patterns – ones that my doggies can love too 🙂

  13. Christine McI

    A beautiful space for you to work in Ann. Thank you so much for the cat patterns

  14. Mary Park

    Thank you for the freebie, being a crazy cat lady, I can’t wait to make a few, you are such a clever, generous soul, love the makeover

  15. You are amazing and very talented, Ann. A great delight to my eyes! ❤️

  16. Sue in Idaho

    What a beautiful make-over! Thank you for the free cat patterns and for the inspiration to keep dreaming and creating 🙂

  17. Thank you for the tour of your new space! It’s so delightful and has such a whimsical, airy feel to it! What a beautiful place to create.

  18. Sue Ramagli

    Such an inviting space now! love it. AND I love the idea of your bamboo place-mat which you’ve made into a “brush-keeper.” Brilliant.

  19. Thanks for sharing these photos of your new place! I’m glad that you didn’t have to leave your new little garden and that the hurricane didn’t leave you stranded. Seriously admire your patience painting that floor!

  20. What a wonderful space to create. I made the cat …although not prim, but to match my brother and sis in laws room. (They live with me.) It turned out so cute. Thank you for sharing the pattern .

  21. Beautiful, Ann. Love it all, but especially the gauzy curtain fabric. Do you have a link to the Etsy seller?

  22. Shey (Shirley) Morgan

    Hi Ann, Shey (Shirley) here again at Ballarat, Australia. Awesome as always reading what you are doing. Show me please where your Father’s (I think) set of drawers are. I simply love seeing those.
    I have 20 picnic bugs cut out waiting to come alive and a sweet little 8 yr old online friend I can’t wait to send some to, (saying they’d seen her at her birthday picnic and want to come live with her ).
    I am too revamping here so sewing projects happen slowly but thinking of you moves me along.
    Take care dearest Ann.

  23. I love your cats! I told my quilt guild about them. It could be a tough year at the North Pole and kids need something soft and pretty to hold. As do grown ups. I want to make some from black prints for an old fashioned Halloween. I have dolls who want to adopt the smaller ones. I’m still working on my Tiny Doll and Mr. Socks. I wonder of my workspace could ever be as tidy as yours and still hold magic like yours does.

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