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Come make an Edwardian bird and needle book with me this September in Kentucky!

You can find the signup and details here.

It’s going to be a super fun 3 days. I bring everything you need for both projects. Tons of scraps for needle book details and a huge collection of antique garments for our Edwardian birds. Plus Kentucky! I loved my last visit in 2019. We squeezed in a trip to an awesome junk store and the best salvation army I’ve ever been to.

If you can’t make the workshop you can get the pattern here. I’ve gathered a few images of fantastic crows made from the pattern below. So good! I’ve added links to the makers where ever possible.

1.  sheepishkaren

2.  paper_thread

3.  marilina

4. maminkagirl

5. debrathorne

Check out more crows and more made from ann wood handmade patterns here.




  1. Marilina (marilinalittlecraft)

    Thank you Ann for sharing my Crow. Such a great pattern! Using vintage kimonos silk was satisfying for the end result. Also thank you for giving out free pattern, and sharing inspiration from your beautiful work. Marilina (@marilinalittlecraft)

  2. Heather Smith

    It’s so good to know you enjoyed Paducah enough to come back AND added a second session of your workshop. Can’t wait to make this bird with you. See you in September!

  3. Oh boy, I would love to do this workshop, and it’s close enough for me to get to. Sadly, though fully vaccinated I am not yet comfortable doing group things because of Covid, delta variant etc. I reallyreally hope you’ll do this next year too!

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