how to make a perfect bird leg

I keep adding things to the bird pattern. Last week I decided it needs videos so last weekend I shot how to sew the body, ( it’s the trickiest part) you’ll get a link to that with the pattern download. And today I shot “how to make a perfect bird leg”.


It’s one of the things I’m most often asked about, the little bird legs, so I thought I would share that now as a gift. It’s my first ever video! It should be below  – if not click here.

How to Make a Perfect Bird Leg

*measurements are approximate for a bigger foot use more wire and create a bigger loop

* and one correction – if you find the 18 gauge wire to difficult use a HIGHER gauge wire – I incorrectly said lower gauge

tools and materials list:

18 or 19 gauge steel wire (hillman is my favorite brand)
floral tape (flora is my favorite brand)
needle nose pliers
wire cutter
hard surface

I hope you make bird legs! And stay tuned for the little bird pattern – it’s almost there. If you’d like email updates about new patterns and workshops etc. you can subscribe here.  Be sure to check the “make something” box on the signup form.



  1. cynthia baxter

    wow — i can’t believe you’re sharing this with us out here!!!!
    I’ve been trying to figure out how you make these for years. 🙂

    thank you so much for your generosity, Ann.

    all the best to you…

  2. Very generous indeed Ann! Thank you so much. I’ve been wanting to make wire bird legs for a while but have just never gotten around to it, so when I got your post update with the video I decided I’d jump right in and do it right then. I’ve made a few already and a couple with 3 toes/claws as well! Quite simple when someone shows you how! 🙂 x

  3. Thank you. Thank you. I’m obviously one of the many who asked. I’m so excited.

  4. GREAT first video! Its a very SECURE artist that will share techniques. I once saw an artist rebuke a faithful blog reader for asking a nuts and bolts question. One CAN get too big for ones pants 😉
    Love your work and heart…

  5. Very nice instructions and boy what a difference a video makes for visual learners.
    thank you for sharing. Now, let’s see if I ever get around to making some legs..ha ha

  6. Julia D.

    Thank you so very, very much. I’m like the others whom have commented so far, could not quite figure out how you made the bird legs. I love making birds of many styles but the legs have always been an issue as to not looking as great as yours. Your generosity in sharing this, your video was wonderful by the way, is so very appreciated. Thanks again…..

  7. Helen in Colorado

    Thanks a million, Ann, for this video tutorial and for your offering of the bird pattern for sale. I’m going to enjoy making these.

    Best of luck with your new pattern endeavor. I’ll want them all!

  8. What a gorgeous video and a beautiful technique. I’ve been admiring your artwork from a long, long time.
    Thank you so much for sharing it, so nice of you! I really appreciate it.
    Good luck with your patterns and tutorials, they are amazing!

  9. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing! I just purchased the little bird pattern! The little birds make me happy!

  10. Thank you for this video, it’s so clear and well done. You are very generous with your techniques. I am eagerly awaiting your ship pattern so I can fill my studio with inspirational ships!

  11. Well, I found your video after seeing your amazing owls. I am so tickled to see how to make the feet of a bird. I am a bird nut so I make all kinds and love this technique. Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. Thank you so much-will definitely be making prettier legs now 🙂

  13. Michele T

    I don’t know what to say first…. You are a natural on video, your tutorial was perfect!! Secondly, I can’t believe you shared your secret for making those adorable bird legs!! Thank you!! I’ve been admiring your pieces for years and first fell in love with your birds!! They are most adorable.

  14. Just discovered your website today and will be purchasing your little bird pattern. delighted to see your video on making legs – a great help!
    My daughter and I have been collecting ‘birds all year as we have decided that our Christmas tree will be entirely decorated with birds this year (plus a few fir cone and acorn decs too!) and we want to make a few ourselves – now I am confident that we can! Thank you so much, from Stacey and Danielle in Kent, England!

  15. Thank you, theming bird pattern was ordered and sent yesterday, it is fun to gather supplies and watch tutorials and read in advance of the pattern arriving! Thank you, love your projects you graciously offer to us! Best wishes for a creative 2021!

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