little doll jacket : a free sewing tutorial

Sometimes a light jacket is just the thing and I’ve made you a simple and easy sewing pattern in two sizes, one for the tiny rag doll (or any dollhouse size doll) and a slightly larger version for mr. socks. And the pattern scales well so you could use it for other dolls too. It’s quick and very easy.

little doll jacket sewing pattern

tiny rag doll jacket

The hat pattern is free too and you can find the satchel pattern here, if you need to fully outfit someone tiny.

mr. socks jacket : free pattern

You might also notice that mr. socks is wearing pants for the first time. I made them using the bloomer pattern for the tiny rag doll sewing pattern. I add about 1/4 inch to the pattern and left an opening in the back to accommodate his tail.

mr. socks

mr. socks in pants
little doll jacket : free tutorial

little doll jacket : free tutorial

To make the jacket you will need : wool felt, an embroidery thread, a tiny button, basic sewing supplies and the pattern.

download the sewing pattern here

* You can click each image for a larger view

1. Cut out the three pattern pieces and pin to your felt.
2. Cut out one of each.

3. Fold the rounded collar of the front top over and stitch.  I’m using one strand of embroidery floss. You can use any stitch you like, fancy or simple. I’m using a basic whip stitch.
4. Fold over each rounded cuff and stitch as well.

5. Pin the front under piece to the back piece, make sure your folded and stitched cuffs  are on the outside.
6. Pin the front top piece as shown.

7.  Begin stitching the sleeve of the top under piece to the back where indicated above. Then stitch the bottom of the sleeve and the side.
8. Repeat for the other side.

9. Finish stitching the second side seam and knot.
10. Optional – stitch around all the raw edges.

little doll jacket : a free sewing tutorial

To finish add a tiny button at the shoulder of the front under piece (be careful to stitch only through one layer) and tie a piece of embroidery thread to the corner of the top piece.

little doll jacket tutorial

She is little but she means business.

I hope you make lots of tiny jackets! Find more free patterns to try here.

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felt doll jacket pattern


  1. Thank you so much! You are so generous. And I love the pink print fabric for the rag doll. It’s such a sweet choice.
    I enjoy making felt with my small felting machine. You’re giving me such ideas! Thanks for the patterns and the creative nudge.

  2. Love the new jacket pattern. I have the pattern for the little doll and cat, and now have a whole wardrobe to keep them warm. Thank you. I eagerly await your new blogs. I love your creativeness.

  3. What a lovely little jacket. I’m looking forward to making them for my tiny rag dolls. Thank you!

  4. Thank you, thank you!! I so enjoy making Tiny Rag Doll and Mr. Socks,,, adding to their wardrobe will be so fun!! So sweet and generous of you.

  5. Cindy Armstrong

    Thank you so much! I foresee many tiny jackets in my future! Hmmm…I wonder if I could scale it up to my size?

  6. Oh my word!! This has come at such a terrific time…Thank you so much. I am really enjoying the making of your tiny rag dolls. The pattern is a great design. And I am sure that this tiny jacket will be received with many cheers….! Because, let’s be honest, which lady doesn’t like a brand new coat, designed by you!
    Thank you….from the dolls and myself. *-*

  7. Thank you so much Ann! My mom gave me the doll and mr. boots kits for Christmas this year. How generous of you to offer a warm coat up for the wee creatures during this cold New England winter. I love them.

  8. I love these patterns for the doll , where can you fine the cotton organza I hope the one I got works for her hair it seems soft to the touch. Don’t have many places in my area that sell these type of fabrics. Keep up the great patterns, & thank you

  9. Hi Patricia,

    I’ve found that thrift stores and consignment shops are wonderful places to find soft, well worn fabrics for tiny dolls wardrobes. Most store-bought fabrics are too stiff for tiny dolls.

    Shop with your fingertips as much as with your eyes. Ladies handkerchiefs are perfect for soft underthings. Some have tiny embroiled flowers and many have scalloped edges that are quite lovely.

    Enjoy the pursuit!

  10. Thank you so much Ann for this free pattern, it is very kind of you!

  11. Miss carina goodman

    Hi there
    If i was to print this onto A4 paper what size doll would it fit? I have a 6 inch doll.
    Would i need to scale the pattern? If so what scale?
    Also would felt be suitable for this?

    Sorry for all the questions?

    Kind regards

    • Hi Carina – Yes, it is designed for felt. The coat was designed for my tiny rag doll and mr. socks dolls. The simple pattern scales easily if you would like to use it for other dolls but I can’t give you a specific percentage.

  12. Miss carina goodman

    Hi there
    Thank you for coming back to me
    I have printed the pattern to A4 paper size so will see how it turns out.
    Could you send me the pdf for the bloomers as well as i cant seem to download it properly.

    Many thanks

  13. Miss carina goodman

    Hi there
    I have tried to purchase the pattern but every time i try i get as far as putting in my card details and the website crashes. I was wondering if you could email me the pdf for the bloomers pattern as a goodwill gesture.
    I will send over images of the completed article which i would be happy for you to use on your website free of charge. Similarly i would also send over images of the jacket as well.

  14. Miss carina goodman

    Hi there
    I will send over an image of the completed doll jacket shortly but i was wondering how much it would cost for me to buy just the patterns and instructions for the clothes for the little doll either on pdf or paper.

    Kind regards

    Miss Goodman (uk)

    • Hi Carina – sorry, the clothes are not available as a separate pattern.

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