easy doll clothes patterns and a free mini straw hat diy

easy doll clothes

A tiny summer top! Who would  have guessed she’d reveal even a hint of midriff. But there it is. Scandalous. You just never know about someone…

easy doll dress, top and hat sewing patterns

A new sewing pattern! And a free tutorial too!

Use your scraps to make adorable dresses and tops for your tiny ladies. She can wear the dress frontwards or backwards for a variety of looks (it would also make a sweet nightgown made from eyelet or a vintage handkerchief).

easy doll clothes sewing patterns

The dress, top and hat are quick and easy to make. I spent a ton of time working out a tiny dress pattern that does not require lots of  hems and has no fasteners. You could use the simple technique to create all sorts of little garments. They are just the right size for the tiny rag doll and the pattern scales well for other rag dolls.

easy doll clothes sewing patterns

easy doll dress sewing pattern

The tiny rag doll needed a summer wardrobe.  She is headed for the French countryside soon so a big sun hat was a must.  The hat is included in the pdf and I’ve shared it below too.

easy doll dress pattern

get the pattern

make a mini straw hat:

free min straw hat diy

A couple material notes – I used cheese cloth – it’s cheap and easy to find. You can also experiment with any very light weight, gauzy, open weave cotton or linen fabric for different effects.

The nail polish bottle is used for forming the hat crown – any similar glass or plastic container can be used. The bottle I’m using made a hat that’s just the right size for the tiny rag doll – it is 5/8th inches across.

I’m using elmer’s glue

Paint – I used acrylic craft paint – mixing shades of brown, ochre and white for a straw shade.

I finished the hat with a mini silk ribbon. I love these ribbons and you can find them here. They are great for lots of tiny details and embroidery too (fyi – the miss thistle society gets a small commission if you purchase through the link).

mini straw hat making suplies

1. Cut a piece of cheesecloth about 5 inches by 5 inches. Cheese cloth has 4 layers and we will use them all.

2. Mix a straw shade of paint and add white glue (about 4 parts glue to 1 part paint). Paint the top 1/4 inch of the cap. Optional – I’m mixing glue into the paint but if you prefer you can just use glue and paint later or leave unpainted.

3. Center the cheesecloth over the cap and pull it tightly over it.

4. Hold the cheesecloth tight with an elastic.  Paint a thin layer of glue or the glue paint mixture on the cheesecloth. Let this dry completely.

5. Remove the rubber band and remove the cheesecloth from the bottle and spread it flat on wax paper.

6. Paint the cheese cloth with a thin coat glue or the glue mixture a little wider than you would like the brim. Brush firmly out from the center. Let this dry completely.

7. When it’s dry lift it off the wax paper.

8. Trim the brim to whatever size you like.

free straw doll hat diy

To finish you can add ribbon or a mini flower or stitch a detail on the brim or crown with embroidery thread. I used 4mm silk ribbon (affiliate link – meaning the miss thistle gets a tiny commission if you purchase through this link).

doll hat diy

I hope you make tiny hats! share your photos with the tiny rag doll community by using  #annwoodpattern and #missthistlesociety on instagram.

mini straw hat diy


  1. Mônica

    É sempre um encanto teus trabalhos pra mim.
    Tu tem um cuidado, um carinho.
    Obrigada por compartilhar teu conhecimento.
    Um abraço.

  2. Angela Cox

    Thank you Ann – your post has given me lots of ideas for the long summer days ahead. My grand-daughter will love them too!

  3. Christy

    This is brilliant! Your creativity knows no bounds! Thank you for such a cute tutorial. I can’t wait to try it!

  4. Susanna Di Milo

    oh how lovely! Great straw hat idea! beautifully inspiring thank you!

  5. At your prompting I ordered a copy of the Creative Habit.
    What an fascinating read.
    I can see how you have already started to get more energy in your work and post.
    I hadn’t realised how creative I am, I just took it as a bunch of things I did but there
    is an underlying theme that I could have worked out sooner had I read this book.
    Happy creating. Linda

  6. Darlene

    Dear Ann,
    I’ve been a crafter for over 50 years. Your use of cheesecloth for a straw hat is wonderful! Thank you for teaching me a new trick !

  7. Anita Springer

    Love the pattern and tutorial! With this informatoin I can do create doll and doll dresses I’ve always wanted to do. Thanks for very clear and easy directions. Anita

  8. Gail hewitt

    When will you create a pattern for the colonel with his lovely has…I need him…I was on lamb in pants..in vermont retreat..
    In England collecting fabrics and lots of other goodies..can’t wait to make a tiny English lady………gail

  9. Theresa L. Ryan

    I love these summer clothes and that hat!! That hat! Genius!

  10. Your patterns are wonderful Ann! I was just about to try making a straw hat from coiled string, but this is way better!

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    I’m going to recommend this web site!

  12. Kathie Mack

    Another great idea Ann! Thank you for your generosity!

  13. Peggy Gavin

    Dear Ann,
    I am so happy to see your email and news of your move! Best wishes and hugs thanks for your tutorials, I just love them.
    Continued success!

  14. Stephanie Sheridan

    Amazing idea. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

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