wax paper crystal snowflake ornament diy

handmade paper ornaments

You can make these wax paper snowflake “crystal” ornaments in about 5 minutes with stuff you probably already have. You gotta love that.  And you don’t have to use wax paper. I happen to love it though. I wanted something simple and light for my norfolk pine this year and I’ve always found wax paper magical. These were quick and easy and I had fun making them, I hope you do too. If you do I’d love to see – use #annwoodpattern on instagram.

You will need:

  • wax paper
  • stapler
  • glue stick
  • pinking shears
  • scissors
  • thread for hanging
  • optional – hot glue

make snowflakes from wax paper

1. Cut a strip of wax paper. My strip is the width of the roll and about 5 inches wide.

2. Fold the length of paper into pleats – accordion style. The pleats should be 1/2 inch or a little bigger. You want them to be consistent in size and firmly creased.

paper snowflake ornament diy

3. If you end up with a little extra paper carefully trim it off. Staple the center of your pleated paper – the staple needs to go across the center.

4.  Apply glue stick to the top layer of paper.

5. Fold the pleated paper in half – glue inside. Trim the tip with pinking shears.

6. Cut a couple little notches along the folds.

7. Apply glue stick to one side.

wax paper crystal tutorial

8.  Un- fold into a circle – brining the glued side around to meet the unglued side and press together to attach.

9. Add a string if you like and you’re finished – or…  Add a whole other level of awesomeness…

10. For extra dimension and fancyness make a smaller snowflake. I used a strip of paper about half as long and half as wide. My pleats are about 1/2 inch still but there are less of them.

wax paper craft idea

11. Use a  dot of hot glue to attach the smaller snowflake to center of the larger.

wax paper craft idea

So sweet! I hope you make wax paper snowflakes!

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  1. Kerry J Ruschhaupt

    Thank you, these are magical! I am excited to try my hand at making these this weekend!

  2. Maryann Young

    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your designs. Made a mini lady doll. So sweet. I need to make a boat. It is on my list.

  3. Thank you for all the great little gifts, can’t wait to make some of them out of all my scraps, you are always giving us precious little treats, thank you, be blessed.

  4. Henriet Ferguson

    Wonderful snowflakes! I learnt to make these as “Christmas stars” more than 60 years ago, from my creative mother (now 92).
    Henriet from the Netherlands

  5. It just goes to show that sometimes, simple is best!
    Beautiful! Making these tonight!

  6. Another twist to a wonderful holiday craft idea…..I have always loved snowflakes in my window and FOR SURE I’m going to make some of these “cutie-pies”….thanks for sharing !!

  7. I am definitely making these next year. I, too, have a Norfolk pine, and I have been using it as my Christmas tree for maybe the past 9 years or so. The only decorations I have ever used on it were red bows from dollar tree; I just placed them on the bows instead of hanging them. Can’t wait to try your idea and thanks for sharing.

  8. Today I unpacked my beautiful snowflakes to hang once again from the light in my dining room. I plan to make a few more to hang in the windows. They look so pretty and so easy to make. Thank you again for this great pattern.

  9. Can you really stick wax paper with a glue stick? I thought it was none stick. Does it work with other glues

      • Thanks for a swift reply. I’ve made some with computer paper but yours look so delicate. I’m amazed that anything sticks wax paper but I’m having a go later

  10. Thanks for a swift reply. I’ve made some with computer paper but yours look so delicate. I’m amazed that anything sticks wax paper but I’m having a go later

  11. Bonnie J Kramer

    Today has been overwhelming for me. I know I am blessed with many good things but this pandemic and 2020 in general has been a ride I’m ready to get off (along with everyone else) and with repeated gloomy days here in Michigan and missing family and friends it was hitting me hard. And then I saw your blog. I was so delighted. Magic Ann. Simple and sweet and magical you are. Thank you for lifting my spirits with your charming creations that you share. I am grateful. And inspired. Thank you for injecting some fairy dust into this season. Merry Christmas. Happy holidays.

    • Another Ann

      Hang in there Bonnie…the holidays are hard. Prayers for peace as you navigate the winter days ahead. Create some beauty and be gentle with yourself. You’re going to make it. Merriest Christmas!
      p.s. These snowflakes are very cute…I made several while I watched a movie. Thank you Ann Wood for inspiring and keeping us busy making sweet little things!

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