sphere template

If you are experimenting with sewing in three dimensions sphere’s are a great place to start – a handy foundation shape you can easily modify and play with.  Click the image below to download a pdf template for a three part and four part sphere – I included a large and small for each.

P.S. – you can use these for paper and cardboard construction too. Scroll down for some images of things I’ve made that use a basic sphere shape as starting off point.
ann wood handmade sphere patternsrutabaga



textile art seed pod


  1. maxine lesline

    The eye and the mind find infinite interest in the details of your work…that might be described in simply one word… art. Your creations invoke mental images that linger.. and linger. I like the phrase “imperfect perfection” .. it seems suitable for objects that subtly and stubbornly reveal themselves.. as do yours. Just looking at the pics here is relaxing but engaging.

  2. Fab! Thank you so much for sharing. I’m stuck on how to go about making a seed pods so this is very helpful. I love, love, love your work (still!!!).

  3. thanks for sharing your sphere patterns appreciate it and get to have fun making it 😀

  4. Ann, thank you so much for the sphere templates . I sooo admire your work. I have your little boat pattern . I have it put togeather and now am waiting to get the courage to apply the paper machie part of it. Your ships are so dreamy! I love them. Diane G

  5. I’m from Hungary, and my English is poor.
    Just wanted to thank you for free patterns, and tell you that really like your work.:)
    Yours sincerely: Ursula

  6. Sonya fassih

    I have just happened on your work via the fantastic Mr Finch. Your work is truely magical and has completely inspired me to see again. Thank you so very much.

  7. thank for inspiration AND free patterns. I have bought several from you

  8. Jette Præst

    Thank you for the patterns of bird and champagne, along with your great description. A really good website with good ideas.
    Jette from Denmark

  9. Cate M Wyckoff

    Thank you so much for creating and sharing such wonderful things. It’s a thrilling little vacation for my brain everytime I look at your art.

  10. Ann, I have been ‘stalking’ you, and I just want to thank you for sharing so selflessly. I am a retired teacher, and I’ve used your horse-templates for creative art. People like you are few. I’m really grateful, and in awe of the beauty that you create. May You be blessed in abundance!

  11. Gerda van der Westhuizen

    You are super creative, thank you for sharing your talent ……

    Kind regards

    Gerda van der Westhuizen
    Wilderness, Western Cape, South Africa

  12. Carol (Sam) Ballard

    This is my first time at your site. I LOVE it! I’ve already subscribed. Do you have any ideas for fabric birds? Or have I just not found them yet? Absolutely love the fish. Thank you!

  13. plume parfondin

    c’est tout mignon!!!! j’adore , de qu’elle région êtes vous, j’aimerai venir dans votre monde imaginaire ,au pays des bouts de chiffons et des champignons tout mignons
    je vous embrasse

  14. Sandra, from Argentina

    I LOVE YOU WORK!! It’s fantastic! Patch + patch + patch… it’s an artistic work. I love it! (sorry, my English is very bad… but I see you work and it’s beautiful) Thanks!

  15. Ann: Your generosity is overwhelming and much appreciated. Thank you. GiGi

  16. Jen bird

    Thank you so much for sharing your patterns. I’m poised to start on a sphere. I was going to make one up by trial and error (more error than trial!) and have found just what I need here. I love your creations and the fact that you patch clothing. Your bustles are charming. I’ve already subscribed and hope one day to take a workshop.
    Jen bird from FL

  17. Teckla Wattman

    I came here looking for a simple cat pattern and found so much more! You’re very inspiring and your little family of dolls and animals have some what calmed my restless mind.

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