little doll pants : a free sewing pattern

The little pants are very, very easy and quick and could be resized to fit all sorts of dolls. It’s a fun hand sewing project or if you like you can sew them on the machine.  In case you want to make one million pairs of tiny pants.

doll clothes diy - pants

He looks so happy! Happy to be getting pants. Little pants, just for him. It’s time to make the lambs and get pants on them. I’ve made you a simple pattern for little pants. The lamb is made from the mr. socks sewing pattern with these modifications. Mr. socks could wear pants too if he felt like it (you know how cats are…) but you would need to leave an opening in the back seam to accommodate his tail.

doll pants sewing pattern

free doll pants sewing pattern

doll pants sewing pattern

Click here to download the template.

You will also need – cotton, a basic hand sewing kit, embroidery thread and needle and a little button.

doll pants diy

Cut 2 pants pieces, cut the top and bottom edges with pinking shears. Mark the seam lines lightly on one piece, pin right sides together and sew just the curved seams.

doll pants tutorial

Open the pants so the curved seams you just sewed are in the center. Pin the legs together and sew the straight leg seams.Trim the leg seam allowance with pinking shears.

doll clothes sewing tutorial

Fold the top edge over about 1/4 inch (try the pants on your doll for a perfect fit). Stitch the folded over top with small neat stitches. Fold up the leg bottoms and hem.

doll pants sewing tutorial

Add a draw string of embroidery thread – stitch through the top folded edge – leave the ends hanging. Add a button in the center. Pull the strings to gather and wind around the button clockwise to hold. You’ve got little pants!

doll clothes hand sewing project

Wearing pants and feeling good about it.

lamb in pants

Add the free felt jacket and free felt hat patterns (larger sizes for both) and you have a fully outfitted lamb!

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  1. Wondering if you found a small doll size pinking shear? If so can you share where to get them. I have a pair of regular size ones but they are hard to use on such tiny pants. Love the pants pattern and the directions for making the lamb! Thank you!

    • Hi Rayleen – nope – just regular pinking shears. Thank you!

  2. Kathie Mack

    Thank you Ann! You are so generous with your free patterns & so helpful. Pants are always a problem for me for little dolls. I really appreciate you & look forward to your emails. Take care! Kathie

  3. He looks so smug with his new pants and coat! Love the tiny embroidery on felt; one of my favorite things to do 🙂



  4. I am rather envious of those striped pants. I do like a striped pant. Your weekly-ish newsletter is a joy and I always look forward to it.

  5. sylvia griffin

    Second Annual Scrap Festival!!!!!!! I am excited! tell me more. I have a treasury of fabric scraps
    and vintage lace/linens. I make quilts so there are a plenitude of scraps from that.
    Has there ever been an exchange of scraps with Ann Wood fans?
    I now have most of the patterns that are in booklet form and am like a dragon on its hoard of gold contemplating what to do first!
    Thank you so much for what you do! I found your owl in a layout of an old issue of Selvedge magazine and didn’t realize till a few years later who you were till I saw the FB post that Mister Finch did of your cardboard horses. Cheers!

  6. Connie Stallworth

    Yes, I would love a swap of scraps or any kind of fabrics! count me in!

  7. Sandie ardent Fisher

    So much fun to do a swap! I’m on the west coast of Canada, however…

  8. Saundra Handy

    Hi Ann, I just discovered you and your precious site. I am looking forward to getting some of your patterns and kits. I love your little dishes too! I can’t wait to make some new little friends.

  9. Ann Louise Chandler

    As I do my lundry and put it through the drier, I feel a pang of creativity as I dispose of the multi-colored fuzz I dispose of frpm my drier. I know there are things to do with this waste product. Please tell us, if you know.

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