good and simple lamb folk

mr. and mrs. lamb

mr. socks : sewing pattern


Patched and mended, a little worse for wear, but good and happy sheep, sheep who persevere. I made mr. and mrs. lamb from the mr. socks pattern with just a couple little modifications. Their outfits and the satchel are made from the tiny rag doll clothing and wardrobe patterns with modifications detailed here.


The only changes are to the head. I made ears  – gray on one side and black on the other – stitched with the right sides together. I left the last half inch open for turning right side out.

You can grab a template for those little pieces here.


I closed the opening, whip stitched around the seam and then stitched the ears to the head. I cut a little circular head cover instead of the pointy mr. socks head cover.

I pinned the head cover in place and stitched over the ears and across the front. I added a tiny bit of stuffing before closing the back so his head would be smooth.

lamb ragdolls

Here they are all sheepified – mrs. has got some seriously happy ears.

tiny doll wardrobe

tiny trousers

free doll pants sewing pattern


Mr. L’s tiny trousers are my favorite part – made from the super easy and free! tiny pants sewing pattern.

The little pants are quick and easy to make and easy to size up or down for other dolls. Find the pattern and tutorial here.



Mr. L sports the always risky pants and scarf but no shirt look.

mr. lamb in the forest

He is off to wander among the woebegone pines.  Find the free pattern for the trees right here. And perhaps some sledding, still sans shirt…

lamb doll on a popsicle stick sled in the snow

(find the popsicle stick sled diy here)


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  1. What a stylish couple! I love the Mrs’ cross-body bag and want one just like it. And as for Mr. L – oh yes, he can pull off the topless look, although the scarf is essential. They look so happy. Well done.

  2. Liz Calais

    Ohhhhh Ann, your lamb couple is absolutely adorable. I love, love, love ’em. And, kudos to you for honoring other artists’ creations on your own website; I would think they appreciate you. God will never be outdone 🙂 When we give, we always receive much more in return. Your heart Ann is in a lovely place. I will always be grateful to have had the opportunity to study with you at Squam. Many blessings to you in all your endeavors. Liz from Louisiana

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the modifications for this sweet pair. They are going right to the top of my must make soon list, right after Mr. Socks himself.

  4. Connie Turner

    Your work is so lovely and sweet. Thank you for your post about Constance Howard, that wall hanging she designed is wonderful. It seems she was a key figure in the development and acceptance of embroidery as art and really opened it up.

  5. Eileen Radostits

    These are so lovely how you just tweek your other patterns to make something new and totally endearing. I want to try one of your patterns but can’t decide which one. How much sewing on a machine is required?…I may be able to have my neighbour’s machine as she never uses it ! Might take a little time to get reacquainted as it’s been a while since I have sewed on a machine…they change so much!

  6. Marsha Smusz

    I adore the M&M Lambs. Will be making those very soon, thanks to your generous sharing of details. I had a bit of a cat frenzy with Mr.Socks-my grandsons were enchanted by him. Most of all thanks for the tiny projects that suit my obsession with all things minute. I live part time in a tiny house on wheels–and flat out get my kicks being obsessed with ‘less being more’ and ‘how simple can we make this?’. I love that you too have been bitten by the tiny bug.

  7. Adorable! As winter comes on, I’m sure they’ll be wearing wool? 🙂

  8. Of course I love lambs and sheep! I even have dreams about them! Thanks for the cool link to the R.JohnWright site. I found the production images fascinating! So nice to see things made by hand with detail and care.

  9. I love that you unapologetically sew in bed, Ann! You are one-of-a-kind. I had the pure joy to be snatched off the Makerie waiting list to be able to learn from you & for that & your presence on this Earth I am thankful!

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