mending, tiny pants, a blue owl, and other travel sewing

Another thing to love about small sewing, hand sewing, is how well it travels. I’m packing up some projects today and heading out to water and forests and people who have forgotten what I look like.

indigo owl work

a sewing pattern for a dastardly owl

Find the owl sewing pattern here


This blue owl is coming. His indigo wings are all pinned up and ready for stitching. I love the blues, the variety, layered together Boro style.  There is also some small blue appliqué work – I’m experimenting with eyes.  More on that soon.


indigo owl wing

indigo owl progress

I’m bringing lot’s of mending too. The seats of my pants mostly. I’ve been wandering around  lately with extra and unseemly ventilation.

cornell and mending

cornell and mending

And  I’m spending some time with Joseph Cornell’s boxes and thinking about how things, objects, relate to each other, the moods and atmosphere and ideas those relationships can create and the poetry of things. They are ideas important to upcoming workshops.

tiny tousers

free doll pants sewing pattern


And I want to sit by the water and make tiny trousers. Tiny trousers for little lamb gentlemen.

I find the little pants particularly satisfying – they are quick and there is just something about tiny pants.

lamb folk progress

I want to come home with a little pile of satchels and pants.


  1. Laurie Sharp

    Happy travels! I wish I could be at one of your workshops but must get ready for back to school.

  2. I couldn’t find a place to leave a comment on your 8/25 post, so here it is, having nothing to do with this post! The tutorial about perfect collar points that you so graciously shared (thank you so much!) reminded me that you can use that same method when turning tiny arms and legs. I can’t describe it adequately, but if you think about it you’ll see that you can turn tiny pieces with needle and thread in a similar way.

  3. C Houghton

    Would you consider making kits for the owls? I am simply not as creative as you are, and need help

  4. I made the dastardly owl and love it! If I could figure out how to post a photo of it I would. Loved the pattern, worth every penny! The directions were great and now I am planning the next one.

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