make a quick and easy mini quilt from scraps

miniature quilts made from scraps

Make a whole stack of them, they’re just the right size for the clothespin doll bed and super quick and fun to make.

easy doll quilt tutorial

These little quilts are the sort I imagine the Sock’s family has mountains of in their big black house in Woebegone Pines. Haphazard, make-do sorts of things, accidentally charming pieced together leftovers, all thread bare from keeping generations of mischievous Socks offspring cozy.

miniature doll quilts

To make your little quilt print the template and gather cotton scraps. Start freestyle piecing them together.

The template makes a doll quilt that is 6 and 1/2 inches X 7 and 1/2 inches. Exactly the right size for the clothespin bed.

You can stitch by hand or machine (I like to use the machine for this). When you’ve got something bigger than the template pin the patchwork to a backing fabric with the right sides together and cut out. Save the patchwork scraps after cutting – you can stitch those together too. You can add a layer of lightweight cotton flannel inside if you like. I prefer the way the quilt drapes without it.

doll quilt diy

Tip: If you are making a few quilts make one big piece of patchwork and cut them all out. It goes quickly and I think it makes the most interesting compositions.

doll house size quilt tutorial
Stitch the patchwork and backing together. Leave a little opening at one end for turning and clip off the corners.

doll quilt diy


Turn it right side out and use a chopstick to poke out the corners. Press it and whipstitch the opening. You can quilt through it or not. I mostly went with not but did add some sweet red ties to one quilt.

To make the quilt drape nicely over the bed  arrange it and then press it on the bed with a hot iron along the curves and folds.

doll house bed and quiltmr. socks doll in pajamas

It’s all ready for mr. socks. I made him pajamas too (using the free little pants pattern) for an even cozier situation but he refused to wear them. You know how mr. socks is…

mr. socks in a sweet doll bed
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doll quilt from scraps free tutorial


  1. Susan Hebert

    Miss Thistle is acquiring a beautiful houseful of wonderful things. YOu have such cute easy to make ideas; thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. What a cosy, cosy little bed. If only I were tiny enough to snuggle in!
    Just adorable.

  3. Kathie Mack

    So very cute Anne. Thank you for sharing again. Kathie

  4. Rosemary B

    Ann, these are great ideas. My oldest grand daughter is almost 4 and I made her a big stuffed animal doll house out of a display box for mailing supplies from Target. Yes, I wrote my email and phone on the box and alerted them to my desire to have the box. (it was already being used in clearance to hold various other things)
    So, I made some beds for the three gund bunnies and the Miyim tiger. They do need blankets. 3 year olds are good at mirroring their likes with their toys.
    Quilts are necessary for all of the beds. It seems we have a lot of beds.
    Your pajama pants are GREAT! but kitties will never wear pants, we know that. Happy Week-end Ann.

    • annwood

      I love the idea of your grand daughter tucking in somebody little!

  5. susan hall

    how delightful these are , thank you so much for giving us all these ideas and how to’s, so very generous .
    susan x

  6. So sweet. And, I just ordered Twyla Tharp’s book. 🙂 Now seems the right time to read it. Thank you for the recommendation and all the inspiration! I’ve been paper mache-ing!

  7. Very cute, this would be a great project for kids…a size and not so many pieces that they will want to quit on it. Very cute photo with the bed, also.

  8. These quilts are gorgeous and such a great idea! I remember making chair covers and bags with my grandmother when I was little using a technique that is very similar. I want a big stack of quilts, but I think I will have to make some for my doll friends first!

  9. Kirstie Irving

    I’m in love with all things miniature (always have been!) and now your bed, mattress and quilts are at the top of my list! Thank you. X

  10. Sheila Earhart

    I really think you are a creative genius!! I want to do everything!

    in Nebraska

  11. ElaineChicago

    Thank you so much for sharing all your ideas with us. I want to do some right away!

  12. victoria s diotte

    Ann – you are simply amazing and cheering and wonderful. Your things make me smile the biggest smile!!! Close pin beds??? OMG and the WOODSTOVE??? Priceless!!!

  13. pvsqueeze

    Ann – you are simply amazing and cheering and wonderful. Your things make me smile the biggest smile!!! Close pin beds??? OMG and the WOODSTOVE??? Priceless!!!

  14. Gill Escott

    Thank you-you are such a bringer of beauty, inspiration and joy to me xxx

  15. Lynette Peucker

    Thank you Ann, you are so generous with your ideas and patterns. We have 4 out of 7 granddaughters, who are just getting into sewing and seem to be learning so quickly. I thought together we could get the beds made with linens and dolls. Excited thinking about it.

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