owls on my worktable and the socks family farm

I like the creatures I make to have an attitude, an expression and body language that imply a history – a point of view, a world of their own.

mr. socks' tree farm

Mr. Socks for instance is a mischievous cat. A wanderer, a vagabond and sometimes a bit of a rascal. He goes where he likes and does what he likes. He has a good nature but is not entirely reliable. There is one thing about him that you can count on though, for his whole cat life every autumn he heads North where he works on the Socks family Christmas tree farm in Woebegone Pines. The whole Socks family lives in a big black house at the end of a crooked road where they cultivate very special varieties of forlorn firs and pines.

work table and owl feet

I’m headed back home to Brooklyn tomorrow. Exile has been interesting. This forced change of pace and place.  And it has had its benefits. I’ve spent more time outside than I would have, slept in good cold air and have been slightly over fed. And I have been reasonably productive.

fortuny lamb

The lamb (made from this sewing pattern) is part of a group of creatures for Fortuny.

blue fortuny owl

And there is a little houndstooth fellow too.

My head is already in next week. I’m finalizing plans for 2 more workshops in 2018 (more on that soon).  And I’ll have a surprise for you, a new free project. Last year it was the woebegone trees with mr. socks above, the year before very nice mice and this years project fits into that tiny world as well…


  1. Dawn Jalbert

    I so love all the things you make. They are very inspiring!

  2. So glad to hear you are heading home, Ann!
    I love to visit your blog and see what is happening with your wonderful projects.
    Love your photos of your inquisitive little helper too!
    Your woebegone trees are so sweet! I’ve only made two so far, but there will be more!
    Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this year.
    Barbara x

  3. It is good to hear you are returning to your home.

    Your owls just stole my heart.



  4. Melanie L.

    Owl no. 1, I’m certain s/he is a high level academic. Can’t prove or disprove it, but the deep thinking ‘attitude’ is apparent in the brow.

    Such thoughtful work, Ann.


    • Thank you Melanie. And you are right. An academic and a poet.

      Say hi to David for me.

  5. Catherine Wood Flavin

    Is the fabulous Mr Socks related to Miss April?

  6. Evelyn McElroy

    So glad you will be home soon. The Fortuny lamb is beautiful!

  7. So glad your exile is ending, but we can see it’s been a profitable time. LOVE the houndstooth owl!

  8. Rhea Warin

    First newsletter from you.I enjoyed every project. Starting on the mouse tonight. Thank you

  9. Sandra Brown

    I love the owls. Wanting to order the owl patterns but have a question on the feet. Are they hard to make ? By that do I have to carve them or are the wire. ? I don’t want to buy pattern if I can’t make the feet. I love love the owls. Great job. I love your site and so happy I ran upon it.

    • Hi Sandra, Thanks so much and yes- they are not hard to make. They are made from wire and covered with fabric. And there are tons of instructional photos – everything is broken down into steps. I hope you make an owl!

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