october is for sewing

This year it’s for sewing by the pool. I love a forlorn pool, all its summer sparkle and glory gone. It’s a contrast and a particular flavor of melancholy that I have always been attracted to.

I’ve temporarily relocated myself outside of NYC while my entire ceiling is replaced. It is a spectacular October and it’s good to be sewing again after a truly miserable week.

I brought a sewing machine, tons of fabric and projects to work on. Besides the pool I have a big sunny room to work in and a diligent helper. He loves the sewing machine. And thread, he really loves thread.

The first thing finished was another soldier  – more a Wickham than a Darcy this time. He is handsome and beguiling, all poetry and romance, but don’t believe him when he says his heart is yours……..

I’m hoping to have the soldier sewing pattern perfected, drafted and converted to an illustrator file in a couple days. I’ll shoot the steps as soon as I get home. I’m also working on a collection of Fortuny animals (they will be in the NY showroom for the holidays) and lots of little things, small sewing I never get tired of.

Thank you for your thoughts and concerns since the big dusty crash. I’m still all turned around and unsure of what to do next but things are generally well enough and I am finding a rhythm.



  1. bernice rubin

    glad you brought all your pals! a girl needs friends at a time like this. hope your home very soon.
    love, Bernice

  2. Ruth Hoefert

    I can appreciate your helper! I have one of those myself! They love to be in the middle of things! Your soldier will be a fun pattern! Glad you found a pleasant spot to work!

  3. Cindy Armstrong

    I love your helper. I always find that a tabby cat is endlessly useful. I’m glad that you have a pleasant place to roost while your dear home is being repaired!

  4. Sewing with my cat was always an adventure. Leave a bobbin, a thimble, or a spool of thread unattended, and, if I was lucky, I would find them batted under the refrigerator, the couch, or any place she thought couldn’t be reached. Some times the only clue would be a long thread that had wrapped itself around several chair legs, and then mysteriously disappeared up the stairs.

    I’m glad you’ve found such a nice, comfortable place to ride out the storm. You’ll soon be back in your beloved home, and you’ll love it even more.

  5. Sally Simons

    How alarming to read about your ceiling and all that plaster dust crashing down! The pool looks charming. Your tabby looks like fun with those great big paws! I love Mr Wickam! He has melted my heart with his lofty expression and can’t wait for a pattern of him.

  6. I’m so glad you found yourself a second haven, where you can continue to sew and create your fantastic work. I hope that your ceiling will soon be repaired, though, and that you can return to your lovely home, knowing it is safe to do so.
    Mr Wickam is fab!

  7. I have found you via Anne of My Giant Strawberry. My Wilma looks just like your handsome helper, and she can be a bit pesky as well. (But I do love her so). Your posts are a delightful break from so much of the world these days. Thank you for being here.

  8. I’m happy to see that you have found an inspiring place to live while the repairs are under way. It’s good to find yourself resilient isn’t it?

  9. What a perfect location by the forlorn pool! So glad for you that you’ve been able to escape your crazy misshap for a while. Your little helper warms my heart and so do all your beautiful creations.

  10. Looks like you’re accomplishing a lot in your hideaway, and I trust it’s calming your spirit after the crash. Your helper looks very particular! Mine is more interested in my painting than sewing, thankfully, although he’s been known to tip over the water jar. But with sewing, he’s more interested in the finished item – I have to hide any cloth dolls at the back of the shelf, and watch him closely when he’s in the mood to get a “toy” down to play with! Sometimes all those little fish and mice just don’t seem to attract him as much as a stuffed toy bear or a fabric snowman ornament…or anything I have on that top shelf that is so fascinating! Can’t wait to see your Fortuny project this year!

  11. We miss our big sister very much.
    It’s not the same here without her.
    Shlomo & Druzy

  12. Carol anderson

    Can’t wait to make your soldier
    Have been in love with him forever❤️
    Will he be available in an appropriate galleon size to sail in your boats?

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