doll overalls : a free sewing pattern

doll overalls free sewing pattern

Of course the tiny rag doll need overalls. And they come in mr. socks size too cause I’m nice like that. They’re easy and quick to make and you could scale the pattern up for larger dolls. Sew them completely by hand or some seams can be done on machine if you like.

doll overalls free sewing pattern

You will need :

the template – get the doll overalls template here and the mr. socks overalls template here.

light weight cotton fabric

a basic sewing kit

and optional – tiny buttons and little scraps for patches

doll overalls free sewing pattern

1. Pin the strap fabric to single piece of fabric. Pin the overalls pattern to a doubled piece with the right sides together.  Pin the lining to a single piece of fabric – you can use a contrasting fabric or the same as the overalls.

Note – I’m using a print from the French General new lawn cottons. The prints are all super sweet and great for small dolls.

2. Mark the seam line lightly in pencil on the wrong side of the lining piece and both overall pieces.  It’s also helpful to mark the front and back on the overall pieces as indicated on the pattern.

3. With the right sides of the fabric together sew just the front seam of the overalls  as shown in red above – stopping at the end of the curve.

4. Clip a couple little notches in the seam allowance at the curve. Be careful not to clip the seam.

5. Press the straight part of the seam open.

6. Press the top seam allowance over – wrong sides together – on the lining and overalls.

7. Place the lining on the overalls with the right sides together and pin. Stitch only the curved seams as shown above.  Clip little notches into the seam allowance.

8. With the wrong side of the fabric facing you fold the legs in towards the center and over each other.

9. Pin them in place  – we just want to keep them out the the way when we sew the next seam.

10. Bring the sides of the lining together  – right sides together – pin and stitch the back seam being careful not to catch any other fabric in the seam.

11. Clip off the top corner of seam allowance.

12. Remove the pin from underneath and put your finger under the stitched lining.

13. Flip it over to the other side.

14. Turn the overalls over so the right side of the fabric is facing you.

15.  Match the back edges of the overalls and pin with the right sides of the fabric together. Stitch the back seam  as shown  in red, stopping at the end of the curve.  Clip a couple notches at the curved part of the seam.

Note: If you are making overalls for mr. socks leave this seam open where indicated on the pattern to accommodate his tail and hem the opening edge.

16. Remove the pins, flatten it  and separate the two layers.

17. Each layer is one leg. Bring the edges of each leg together.

18. Pin the legs together.

19. Stitch each leg seam – one a a time.

20. Clip a couple notches at the top of the seams.

21. Turn the lining right side out.

22. Turn the overalls right side out and press.

23.  Fold each side of the strap to the center and press.

24. Fold the strap in half and whip stitch the edges together.

25. Fold the strap at the center forming a V and press.

26. Pin the straps into the back – insert just past the edge and pin in place.

27. Whip stitch the strap in place along the outside and lining side with tiny neat stitches.

28. Try the overalls on your doll and pin the straps in place. You want them a little loose – she puts them on feet first and needs a little room to get into them.  Whip stitch the straps in place and the center of the bib closed.

29. Hem the legs and add a couple buttons and patches if you like. You could also do some top stitching for extra overallness.

free doll overalls sewing pattern

She is off to feed her hens!

tiny rag doll sewing pattern


Find the tiny rag doll pattern here.


I hope you make tiny overalls! Please use #annwoodpattern and #misthistlesociety on instagram and you can send photos to – info at ann wood handmade dot com.

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doll overalls free sewing pattern


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