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soft sculpture seed pod

new things in the shop

I’ve just added a few new things to the shop ( including a dastardly owl).

on December 18, 2014 0
soft sculpture owls

fortuny creatures

I spent much of the last two weeks working on a large order for Fortuny Venice.  It was a good excuse to replenish my fancy antique button stock  and I found some wonderful stuff. Cats! I love them so much I may never be able to use them. I brought the whole group to the […]

on December 17, 2014 1
ann wood christmas tree 2014

handmade christmas

I got a tree!  And I made ornaments to put on it. It’s my  first ever as a grown up and it’s a living potted tree- a Norfolk Pine.  I hope it’s happy here for a long time. I also hope deciding to live with a tree  in my tinyish Brooklyn apartment wasn’t a mistake. I like […]

on December 7, 2014 16
felt boat craft pattern

new patterns in the shop

I’ve just added 2 more new patterns to the shop – that’s three in the last week! It hurt my brain a little – sewing all this coming weekend seems like a tropical vacation compared to all that step writing, photgraphing etc. – I do enjoy it though – very much. And  I love these […]

on December 5, 2014 2
wobbler pattern

new pattern : merry wobblers

I’ve finished my third pattern and it’s available now. Merry Wobblers are cheerfull little birds that are easy to make and it’s a great way to use little bits of saved  fabric. There is also a pattern and instructions for the little nest pictured and a leaf tassel for hanging. I’ve also posted a little […]

on December 1, 2014 2
stitched botaniclas

my next workshop : Sweet Paul Makerie

My next workshop is open for registration. I’m teaching  Stitched Botanicals this coming April (11- 12th) at the Sweet Paul Makerie. You can get all  the  details about the weekend, classes (the teacher line up is spectacular – so many people I admire) and registration right here. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been a huge Sweet […]

on November 13, 2014 2
Made Happy by Pictalo