cardinalize a wobbler and the four squares sew-along

fabric bird ornaments - male and female cardinals -in my palm

Just a few extra fabric scraps turn your merry wobbler into any crested bird you like: Brown Crested Flycatcher, Blue Jay and Tufted Titmouse among them. The Tufted Titmouse might need to be a sew-along – so darling.

PS – The wobbler pattern can also be used to make these french hens in nesting boxes.

I made a male and female cardinal pair. There are templates for the face cover and 3 crest pieces. These are especially made to fit the wobbler (there are templates for the songbird sewing pattern as well here).

More on how to make the crest in a minute – lets talk about the sew-along.

4 pieced fabric squares in blacks, blues and grays with slow stitching

patchwork pouch mini sew-along (or, the four squares sew-along)

Either way. This is a perfect project to trick yourself into making something if you can’t quite find the spark…

The pouch is made from 4 squares plus a bottom. This mini sew-along is focused on just those 4 blocks that make the sides of the bag. In fact, please feel free to participate and not make the bag – just stitch a group of four small squares this month and see what happens. You could make them into something or not.  Some of my squares will be pouches and some not. We’ll talk about  some other ideas for your stitched blocks in a couple weeks.

This is really about what happens when you give yourself a small contained, entirely doable, assignment.

four pieced fabric blocks in neutral shades

Gather some scraps and just spend a few minutes stitching every day – maybe plan to stitch your blocks for 10 minutes per day – you’ll be amazed how much gets done. So manageable.

get the patchwork pouch sewing pattern here

What’s a sew-along? Everybody works on the same project and shares progress photos if they feel like it.

You can share photos in the facebook sew-along group or in the stitch club community if you’re already a member (membership is closed at the moment but it will reopen by the end of the year – more about that soon). On instagram use #annwoodpattern and tag me please @annwood

Start 4 blocks this weekend and just focus on those squares. So easy. I have a couple groups of four started.  This mini sew-along is all about ease – sink into some slow, meditative stitch.

adding a crest to the merry wobbler bird sewing pattern

download the templates

1. Make your wobbler according to the sewing pattern except for the eyes. Cut out the face covering piece and 3 crest pieces. I used a darker red for crest one and crest 3 and the same red as the body for crest 2.

2. Place your face covering around the beak. Pin the center bottom point and then wrap one side over the top of the beak and pin that side.

3. Whip stitch that side in place.

4. Fold over the edge of the face covering just a tiny bit.

5. Pin it – overlapping the top corner of the other side.

6. Stitch the second side.

7. Stitch down the center.

8. Fold each of the three crest piece in half and trim about 1 inch from the tip with pinking shears.

9. Place the round edge over the edge of the face cover and pin in the center and at each side.

10. Pin on each side of the crest at the back.

11.  Whip stitch around the edge. You could call it a day right here- you’ve got a crest – or add more layers – crest 2 and crest 3 – for more featheriness.

12.  Pin crest 2 on in the same way (step 10 above) and stitch all the way around.

13. And finally the smallest- crest 3 – pin and stitch the edge.

Your wobbler is officially crested! Add a string to hang – hello little cardinals!

Is there a cardinal ornament in your future? Will you join me in the four square sew-along? Do we need to make a tufted titmouse?!  Let us know in the comments.


  1. altardirector

    Your four square sew along is perfect. Just what I needed to relax in these troubling times we live in. Thank-you so much.

  2. I would like to follow in the sew along but don’t do FB. I am able to access you in MightyNetworks. Can I follow this so long there?

    • Hi Nora – the mighty network membership is closed for renovations. I will post more about the squares in the next blog post but there won’t be regular posts.

  3. We definitely need a tufted titmouse! He’s one of the few birds I remember learning about in school before moving across the country 60 years ago. This is a wonderful pattern. I’m thinking about making a flock of who-knows birds. They come in all kinds of colors. Thanks for another great pattern and post.

  4. Anna Rochka

    Thanks Ann – the patchwork pouch is perfect! Sometimes I just can’t decide where to start with all my thoughts and plans – something simple and small and portable is the cure.

  5. Oh, just four? I wanted to make one hundred straight away. But I am only an over-achiever in my mind….

  6. Just recuperating from (my 5th in 4 years) back surgery, and your sweet critters and email are just what I need to “escape” for awhile. Thanks so much for all you do and are, for all of us, Ann.

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