jingle stars tutorial and knob fobs

little wood chest of drawers with s tassel and stitched indigo tetra hanging from one knob

Current obsessions:  knob fobs (if that’s not a thing it should be) and putting bells on things. Tiny bells.

It has taken this little drawer knob to new and glorious heights. Magic. I guarantee you there is an underdressed drawer pull in your life somewhere, you just didn’t know it until today. Remember the tetra post? Go check that out if you haven’t. The little fob above is the small size with a little tassel added. Then the idea of combining tetras occurred to me. And adding tiny bells (bell season is upon us!).

If you are a confirmed minimalist re: your drawer knobs, this makes a charming and jingly Christmas ornament.

so do these little scrap stars

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Jingle Stars! Jingle stars flowed out of the four square sew-along. As soon as I started making stitched square experiments I realized I needed a bunch. A couple sets of four are becoming  patchwork pouches. The others are (so far) stars and woebegone pines.

The stars are pretty mini and I think that adds to their magic.  After hours of intense debate about where to add the bells I landed on the asymmetrical one bell option. It has such a playful quality to it and makes the star hang in a darling very slightly lopsided way. These will be great for adding to gift wrap and as ornaments and of course drawer pulls. A garland would be super cute too.

The patched squares also make great woebegone pines. Stitch four squares together and you can just fit the small and medium pattern.

let’s talk about how to make the jingle stars

download the star template

You will also need:

1. Place the template on one square and trace onto the wrong side of the fabric.

2. Pin two squares- right sides together -and stitch the line. Leave one side open (pro tip – pick a side that is not pieced).

3. Cut out about ¼ inch all around the star.

4. Clip off the points close to the seams. Clip into each corner.

5. Clip a little more seam allowance for the points- reducing the bulk here will make your points pointier. Fold over the seam allowance at the opening and press.

6. Turn the star right side out and stuff. Start turning with your fingers and then use a chopstick to gently push the points all the way out.

7. Stitch closed starting from the point. Stop halfway down and add a little stuffing and finish closing.

Add the bell – attach it loosely for maximum jingle- and add a hanging string or hook. I loved the bells and hooks – linked above – the hooks make the stars super easy to hang on my Norfolk Pine.

I hope you make jingle stars! And dress up a drawer pull!

And a very happy thanksgiving to you,



  1. Karen Engelbretson

    This morning I ran across the bag of tetras I made when you first linked to them. That was an entire day of sewing and then my son-in-law scooped up five of the better ones. He has good taste. Then I check my mail and there they are again! Love all these projects. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  2. Each time I receive your email I pause my busy, messy life, & immerse myself in handcrafting. It slows me down. I focus on now. On little things. The important things.

  3. This is BEYOND adorable!!! I honestly believe I will be making these (and you know, I don’t even have a sewing machine!) but tiny bells! and stars! I simply must. Thank you for sharing such clear and specific directions that even a novice like me can do it.

  4. Ingrid V Straaten

    Wat leuk! Jammer dat de verzendlosten zo hoog zijn,anders had ik graag via jullie besteld
    Geniet altijd van je posts.
    Hartelijke groet uit Nederland,

      • Anneliese in Germany

        Dear Ann! It is always wonderful to come across your website filled with lovely ideas and you generously supply us with patterns, so dear and cute. I started today to make the knob fobs. There are many without. Your “somewhat weekly” newsletter – oh what fun it is to read it. I am a fan of little, and tiniest things.

  5. Christine Wilk-McFadden

    I LOVE these! Thank you for the directions and templates.

  6. Marianne S

    Would you share your source for the tiny bells and the brass ornament hooks?

    • Hi Marianne – I did – they are in the post in the “you will also need” list for the stars. I was super happy with both.

  7. Heather Smith

    So I’ve been thinking about turning my tetras into ornaments and now I don’t have to imagine what that would look like. I think adding bells to them would be nice too, now if I can only find my little jar of bells…

  8. Loretta` Lewis

    Just a thank you for sharing all the good things that encompass the inside of your head. You are my best friend!

  9. ….I don’t know that I need patchwork jingly stars (tho having said so, I can’t imagine why I wouldn’t) but reading this I realize that I clearly should make clay stars that jingle the next time I’m in the clay studio.

  10. Angela Thomson

    I have enjoyed the frog pattern so much. Made a few to give away. I have just one problem, my husband does not want himself or me to order off line. So is there a different way to order ? Thank you so much. Have a great Thanksgiving! Angela

  11. There’s a store here called “Furnitalia”. That’s what I thought the Knob Fobs would be. (Heading to the scrap bin!)

  12. Wendy Clark

    Such sweet little projects, thank you Ann. You put my mind in a better place!

  13. Rosemary B

    Ann Wood, dear loved one, yes you are.
    This is a lovely treat to have in my email today
    I will get started tomorrow.
    You always inspire me.
    Today was a long emotional day – memorial service for dear lovable 99.5 year old daddy, amongst angry disfunctional family. Hubbs and I survived.
    Now I can move ahead, making these will heal my heart.
    you are loved

  14. Oh Ann! I am so doing the stars with bells!!
    Thank you!!

  15. Laurie Lasala-Tuttle

    Thanks SO much Ann for sharing your creativity & fun with us!! Thanks also for supplying the links, I purchased the bells & hooks, am excited to make these adorable bells! ♥️

  16. I love that little stars! I just printed the star template and ordered the hooks and bells. Can’t wait to get started! Thanks for sharing!

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