what to make in march, feather scrap packs and wabi sabi vessels

In today’s post: ideas for march, feather scrap packs, a new stitch club sew-along and we’re nearing the halfway point of the 100 day stitch book. Before we get into all that:

I was thinking about the odd names there are for some animals in groups – parliament of owls, murder of crows, etc and it occurred to me I had no idea what a group of ravens is called. The answer is so strange and surprising and I can’t believe I didn’t know it.

It’s an unkindness! A group of ravens is called an unkindness.  And as if that’s not enough! It is also referred to as a rave, conspiracy, treachery, and super basic – flock. I really love conspiracy too…

And Speaking of ravens and crows I’ve just added some feather scrap packs to the shop.

scraps of dark antique clothing

They are wretched, faded, frayed and fragile scraps from antique clothing, perfect for creating crow and raven and owl feathers. They are for the most part not suitable for body construction. Each little pack (roughly 5 ounces)  includes a variety of sheens, shades and tones. Combining them into layers of feathers creates a remarkable effect. Each pack is different. These would also make great feathers for songbirds.

They are in short supply but more will be available soon. I’m collecting more antique garments now. Find them in the shop here. This batch is gone – more soon!

Check out some crows made by customers using the crow sewing pattern.

stitched vessels

little containers made form scraps

hand holding small stitched vessel

Also new for March- a sew-along / tutorial in stitch club. The community creative spark for February was “vessel”  and it inspired these little baskets made from scraps. Word of caution, it’s the kind of process a person can get obsessive about – as in laundry piling up and eating only popcorn for days obsessed about… So much fun and full of possibilities.

The first lesson drops next Wednesday the 6th. This is exclusive to stitch club and included with your annual membership – you can join here.

what to make in march

– Eggs – These eggs are super cute and easy to make – find the DIY here.

– Spray Starch  – Take your recreational ironing next level.

-Whisk 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of cornstarch into 2 and ½ cups water. You’re already almost done.
-Bring the mixture to a boil, boil for about a minute while stirring.
-Remove from the heat and let is cool to room temperature, add a couple drops of scent if you like and pour it through a strainer into a spray bottle.

– french hens in nesting boxes – an annual favorite – get the details here.

– boxwood shamrock – Why not?  Such a charming idea. Find the tutorial here.

– fabric basket – I love the print interior with simple exterior. There is a full tutorial here.

simple basket with handle with a white exterior and pink rose print interior

– nice bunnies – add long ears to very nice mice to create your own tiny bunny parade. Find the nice mice pattern here. The bunnies below are by @paper__thread  (who is also my very talented sister)

handmade felt bunnies

100 day stitch book

Time is flying – we are already on page 9.

9 collage stitched pages

The stitch book page above is by @butternut_plaid – I love everything about it.

suggestion box

March fires me up like nothing else. I’ve got such spring fever. I’m so ready to start the garden (lots of flowers this year) and open the windows and organize absolutely everything. I’m in the same mode with the community and website – working on streamlining and efficientizing everything and planning fun stuff for the year. If you have a suggestion or question you’d like to share you can add it here.

Is March your favorite? Are you ready for spring? Are you making a 100 day stitch book? Did you know a group of ravens is called an “unkindness?!  Let us know in the comments.


  1. Granny Rose

    My favorite tee shirt has a picture of 2 crows and underneath them is the words “Attempted Murder.” It cracks me up every time.
    (This may be related to having a degree in English in college, but it brings me joy.)

  2. Katherine

    Ann –
    I sure you would enjoy “An Exaltation of Larks” a book by James Lipton which tells you the group name of every type of critter you need to know (like a “fluffle of bunnies” or a “parliament of owls”).

    • A group of bunnies is a fluffle??!! That is fantastic. I will definitely check the book out.

  3. wordybird2002 / roxanne reynolds

    there’s even a phrase to describe these words. they’re called ‘terms of venery.’

    “Terms of venery are collective nouns
    used to denote groupings of animals
    of the same species.”

  4. There is an old show called “Longmire” and in one episode he talks about a group of ravens being called an unkindness. I had never heard that before seeing the show. For being a cowboy sheriff, he had a lot of interesting knowledge.

  5. See the murder mystery An Unkindness of Ravens by Ruth Rendell.

  6. Interesting projects! Thank you for sharing.

    I am absolutely loving the 100 day stitch challenge!! I tend to overthink things and this project is very freeing for me. Life has been somewhat crazy here of late (I had full care of my 91 year old mother, who has dementia, for 3 weeks) so I am behind but I press on.

  7. I’ve heard “murder of crows” and “unkindness of ravens” and “Parliament of owls.” The fluffel is new to me but so perfect. Good to know about the book and the term “venery.” Something new to track down.

  8. Romp of otters is my favorite “term of venery”. Thanks wordybird2002 for the term.

  9. My friends and I always called a group of crows a Coven. Your word is just as wonderful. Poor birds, they are funny and intelligent and enjoy a good laugh, such mean titles really don’t explore this side of them…

  10. Pat Winn

    Are you making the fabric vessels in your stitch club?

  11. Mary Park

    April is my favorite, most chance of cold is pretty much gone and it’s my birthday month, I love hearing the birds sing, the flowers bloom and you can start wearing shorts or capris. It’s a new beginning, love it

  12. Karen Graves

    I am making a stitch book. It is the most fun sewing I’ve had in years! No rules, no judgements. I just let my needle take me where it wants to go. Very freeing. Thank you, Ann for your creative inspiration.

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