the 18th blogiversary, a titmouse sew-along and outstanding customer projects

18 years of ann wood handmade

It started as a blog and the only goal was to try something new. It’s still a place to experiment and share what I learn. It’s a celebration of imagination. There is no match for it – human imagination. Big, weird, human imagination. I spend hours and hours in this sunny spot imagining, experimenting and trying stuff. Not a bad deal.

Since I started, the scale and pace of the internet has gotten pretty crazy but my little flag still flies here and I so appreciate everybody who continues to show up and make the experiment possible. Happy 18th Blogiversary!




tufted titmouse sew-along

Such a cute bird!  The titmouse sew-along begins April 5th.

There will be a blog post here to help you transform the songbird sewing pattern into an adorable tufted titmouse. Grab the pattern and wool here.  Check out the bird and keep your eye open for titmouse appropriate fabrics – light weight cottons and linens – shades of gray, ivory and white and a little orange. We’ll also need gray and black paint for the legs.

You can post your bird on facebook or instagram with #annwoodtitmouse and in the free facebook sew-along group or join the (not free but awesome) stitch club community. April is also the perfect time to get outside and photograph your bird in the wild.

Find more tufted titmouse images here.

and checkout a few outstanding customer projects

nude elegant ragdoll - posed sitting with sewing supplies

A gorgeous and quite nude elegant rag doll by Adriana.

a bright parrot made from textiles

This magnificent parrot is by Pam – (find her in the facebook sew-along group).  She started with the crow sewing pattern – well done!

An enchanted fungi specimen by Michele made with the mushroom sewing pattern.

hand sewn bird in earthy brown colors

A dear little brwon bird by @thimblewinder. The buttons are her own addition to the songbird sewing pattern.

small textile owl in spring colors

And a stylish little fellow by Tracy made with the little owls sewing pattern.

little fly dolls in miniature wire beds with vintage cotton mattresses

Thanks for 18 big creative years! I chose one favorite image/project for 2023 to end the blogiversary post – little flies in cozy beds – find the bed tutorial here and the fly friends here.


  1. Happy blogversary Ann! I’m so glad you’re still here and I’ve enjoyed following your experiment for a whole bunch of those 18 years.

  2. margie cook,

    happy anniversary to you. you bring me joy and i pass it on to my family. thank you.

  3. Angela Cox

    Thanks Ann
    I keep a picture of your desk on my phone – my inspiration!

  4. Thank you for all you do and share! I love your patterns (such clear and thoughtful instructions) and the worlds yo create.

  5. So many years of making makers happy! Let’s toast (virtually) to many more!

  6. I love your work! Such an inspiration! May the joy continue for you as you share it with others.

  7. Mary Park

    Happy Blogversary, It makes my day to see your emails and all the wonderful creativity and imagination, thank you for inspiring us all these years

  8. Happy Anniversary! Your site is a true delight! Here’s to many more years of Ann Wood patterns and great ideas!

  9. Jan Hebert

    Happy Anniversary! Wow, 18 years?! I’ve been following along for many of those. I love seeing what new creature or thing you’ve created with each blog post. I like the idea that Angela Cox had of keeping a photo of your desk on my phone! I’m going to do that! My friends don’t really “get” my fascination with mice and small things – but you do! Thank you for inspiring all of us for so many years.

  10. Joan Wiebe

    Happy Blog Anniversary Ann! Thank you for your wonderful creativity & the community you have built!

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