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gift tags and a caption contest – updated

ann wood birds

ann wood birds

update 12/17 :

Thanks so much for your wonderful imaginations – so many good captions!  And there was – by unanimous decision – a tie – so 2 birds will be awarded.  And the winners are:

Debra : “Four calling birds, three acorn caps, two spools of thread, and a pincushion filled with many needle sharps!”.

And Bach Hanes  :  Everyone ready? Let’s get the flock out of here.

Thanks again to everybody who came up with a caption.


I sure do like to make a little bird, put an acorn hat on it and take its picture.  I love the photos in part because everyday things are transformed into little  bird world things – I imagine their perspective and peek into their world and wonder what they are up to…

What do you think they are up to? Make up a caption for the photo above and leave it in the comments of this post.  An esteemed panel of judges will choose a winner who get’s their very own bundled up bird. Everyone is welcome to participate.

bundled up bird

little house gift tagsAnd gift tags! A little yellow house in the forest – print them on card stock, fold at the roof and add a little glitter and a string or ribbon.  Click here to download the little house tags.

A couple notes:

* The red ribbon in the photo above is 4 mm silk ribbon – I love it – you can get it here.

* The pattern for the little birds is here.

* And the little birds in the photo are in the shop now and I restocked a couple bunnies and squirrels too.

on my work table : bright and happy things

little birds in progress

little birds in progress

For the last week or so I’ve had lots of happy, sweet, festive things to work on.  It is a lovely thing that I hear from women who had my  caketopper birds for their wedding and would like a little bird for their child and so I’ve been making special birds for little girls. Two were for a birthday cake and had fancy party hats.

tiny party hats

party hat birds

birthday birds

I had so much fun making the hats. I love mini and I love crepe paper – it is magic stuff.  I’m working on a little girl size version of the paper feather crown  and I’ll share the instructions for that soon – everybody needs a feather crown.

birthday party birds

the current state of affairs


Besides this blog, lots of things around here have been  neglected and are in need of attention ( including email – if you’re waiting to here back form me hang in there – I’ll be catching up this weekend). My little victorian fishbowl terrarium ( a truly inspired gift from my sister becky) has slipped into  chaos and disarray. Maybe I have a little too – we are definitely both a little extra dishevelled.  I’ve collected some moss and tiny plants and will  correct the terrarium situation this weekend.  Next week I’ll be back with some new boats and owls and spiders and other stuff in progress.  For now here are a couple recently finished things pictured with the gowns they are made from and inspired by:

queenie and french

queenie and french

And constance and o.


And be sure to checkout BHLDN’s new decor line – it’s beautiful and  I’m flattered to be included.