the current state of affairs


Besides this blog, lots of things around here have been  neglected and are in need of attention ( including email – if you’re waiting to here back form me hang in there – I’ll be catching up this weekend). My little victorian fishbowl terrarium ( a truly inspired gift from my sister becky) has slipped into  chaos and disarray. Maybe I have a little too – we are definitely both a little extra dishevelled.  I’ve collected some moss and tiny plants and will  correct the terrarium situation this weekend.  Next week I’ll be back with some new boats and owls and spiders and other stuff in progress.  For now here are a couple recently finished things pictured with the gowns they are made from and inspired by:

queenie and french

queenie and french

And constance and o.


And be sure to checkout BHLDN’s new decor line – it’s beautiful and  I’m flattered to be included.


  1. I Love Queenie and her “flapper” gown!

  2. I would very much like to hear from you as have sent two emails some time ago, although I do appreciate that you have had a lot of work on your hands recently.

  3. Actually my hair is looking about as frazzeled as your plants (though it isn’t green) as I am currently sorting out my taxes…grrr lots of hair tugging and drinking of cups of tea! (chocolate biscuits would have been good but I forgot to buy those and kiwi fruit and a bananna are NOT the same)
    As always a post from you gives me so much to think about, those birds are fantastic, hope you aren’t too dishevelled, don’t forget to look after yourself once you’ve sorted out the little terrarium. I have a sister Becky and I get the most thoughtful and lovely gifts from her.

  4. your blog is wonderful, i love all of your works…especially a paper mache teacup…i will try to do some ^_____^

  5. Mlle Céleste

    Vos oiseaux sont très beaux, je ne me lasse pas de les admirer! beautiful…

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