busy in the bird department


I have been pretty occupied  lately with this group of birds.  They’ve  been finished, packed and shipped off  and later this spring,  for the first time ever,  sweetheart birds will be available  someplace other than my shop.

birds from behind


I’ll let you know  where you can find these limited edition  birds  very soon .


  1. Lovely photographs with them all standing together, each with a different expression!

  2. I love your feathered friends they are gorgeous!!

  3. Like much of his work, I love birds! And their are amazing. I want a lot of these couples. I follow your blog a while ago, I downloaded the tutorial of horses and boats made ??some to decorate my house. Another of my passions are boats and the sea. I love the sea. Congratulations on your talent (I’m sorry for poor English).

  4. I love you work – I will admit that the minute I saw this collection of pics I wanted to write my own captions –
    1. One more time girls – this time with attitude!
    2. The Titanic – ladies to the boats first!
    3. What do you mean we can’t fly – how are we going to get off this table?
    You really could start wonderful caption contests!

  5. The captions are fantastic. Cracked me up. And your idea is fabulous – look for a caption contest – with a a prize!! coming soon.

  6. Do they dance and do synchronized swimming? I love them, all lined up together they look like the beginning of a wonderful musical!!!

  7. Well the birds are sensational… I am captivated by your window dressings! Congratulations, Gilly

  8. Glad to see you back with the Busby Berkeley Birds!

  9. OMG….as usually you out did yourself…you are one of my fav artists….i love how they look in a group….simply beautiful

    thanks for sharing


  10. chrysann

    love love love these guys. you truly do have an amazing eye. getting married in july and im secretly stalking your birds!! they have ..something… the “others” do not. we do what we must!!!

    keep up the beautiful work!

  11. Awesome. I love the suited up birds…and them all standing there together. It’s like an army of well dressed bird.

  12. How exciting for you! Looking forward to see what this new venture brings for you.

  13. Congrats on the success of your birds. I always love the light in your apartment!

  14. I saw your darling birds featured on the BHLDN website today. Congratulations!

  15. Oh my, this is fantastic! It’s like a miniature finely orchestrated Broadway jazz! Love it!

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