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paper swans – new in the cake topper department

paper swan cake topper

paper swan cake topper

Paper swans are in the shop!  (A kit is coming later this spring – i just got a big crate of supplies).  I had such a good time photographing them.  I think I made them mostly because I wanted to photograph them – I have lots of plans for more. I bought the blue velvet box above  20 years ago – my first year in NY and it’s been on my mind lately. I love that peacock blue, the patina and the little silver latch- it looks like it has a marvelous story.  It’s one of those things I love so much just as it is I couldn’t make anything with it. It was perfect for this photo  – the color combination surprised me and I love it.  Lot’s more swan photos below and if you have questions please get in touch.

And P. S. – the cake toppers have their own instagram account now – you can find it here.

paper swan cake toppers

paper swan pair cake topper

paper swan cake topper

spying on swans(spying on swans)

the cake topper department

I’ve made an astounding number of flamingos in the past few weeks. I make flamingos in my dreams. There are tiny bits of pink paper everywhere. I do some of my best thinking while I’m making them and my note book is always right next to me.

flamingo pairs

While I was making this last batch I accidentally designed a new cake topper. I’ve been rolling around the idea of crepe paper birds for a couple years but couldn’t quite get the shape I wanted, failed a bizillion times- I am particular. While I was making the flamingo armatures I stumbled upon the solution – I wasn’t even thing about it, the idea just appeared, a eureka moment, I hardly ever have those. Once I had an armature shape that was right and reproducible I knew what to do with the rest and a few hours later I had birds – here is a sneak peek at mr. and mrs. chickadee.

mr. and mrs. chickadee

mrs. chickadee

mr. chickadee

I’m still working out details – supplies, production testing, packaging etc. and I  haven’t made up my mind about bases. I like the idea of them going directly into the cake  – like the flamingos, keeping it super simple but I’m not sure – what do you think- a little base or no?

cake topper giveaway

You could win your very own crepe paper bunnies! In celebration of spring I’ve teamed up with fellow Brooklynite Vané Broussard of  Brooklyn Bride  to offer you the chance to win a pair of forest folk cake topper bunnies – a perfect cake topper or an unexpected Easter basket treat for someone special.  The winner gets to choose the flower and glittery slipper color for mrs. bunny.  Find all the details and enter here.  The winner will be chosen on Friday 4/11.


forest folk cake topper

 good luck!

sweet things

I designed a new cake topper over the summer: Flamingos in Love.

I painted miles of crepe paper in very particular shades of pink and coral.

They are available in my shop now as well as at BHLDN.  I’m also thinking of putting a “make it your self” kit together for these – what do you think?

I loved working with crepe paper and I’ve got something else for the cute department in the works – here are a couple sneak peeks:

edwardian gown

antique gown

It’s really just part of a gown – the lace part. I love the asymmetrical skirt – it would have floated over a longer silk  skirt.  I’ve already used almost all of it – every little bit. The heavier lace became ring pillows.

ring pillow

I have a little collection of  ring pilows made from antique gowns and petticoats  available at bhldn now.  The rest of the lace became gowns for little brides – also for bhldn.

caketopper bride birds

a seaside affair

Introducing : The Shelleys! (mary and percy).

the shelleys

I never planned to make another cake topper, the birds ended up in the  nuptials biz by accident. Earlier in the summer I discovered a vintage souvenir seashell doll at a barn sale.  I love vintage souvenirs and this one hit all the right notes for me: a small and  perfect memento of a special day , a time and place, a remembrance, sweet, a little bit sad and deeply nostalgic. It inspired these little figures and I tried hard to  create that kind of sentiment –  a memento of a happy day.

the shelleys

*available here*

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cake toppers : recent departures

I finished several special orders for cake topper birds in the past couple weeks and  I’m working on more this week as well as something brand new in the cake topper department that  I’ll share soon I hope – I’m still missing an essential detail.   Here are a  couple photos of  last week’s  finished sets:

airforce bird caketopper


Some fancy fascinators and boutonnieres :

ava and finn


letty and lou

And a family!  Everybody is going to be on the cake – pretty sweet.

family of birds

getting organized

I am. And getting rid of things.  And rearranging. This is my newly appointed button drawer:

button drawer

It was formerly my “drop in anything I don’t know what to do with and then never open again” drawer. I dumped it out and found a tiny hand-full of things  I might actually need someday.  It’s perfect for buttons and much better than searching in a bunch of jars and boxes and bags.  Now that my buttons are all organized and in one place I’ll probably be a millionaire by the end of the week.

I’ve also been working on some special caketopper bird orders. This is the world’s tiniest garrison cap (airforce).

world's tiniest garrison cap

And the world’s tiniest boutonniere.

tiny boutonniere

And a very  fancy fascinator for his girl.

fancy fascinator

what’s left

This was a great dress,  it was ruined in such magnificent ways. I’ve been making things with it for  almost two years and it still has more to give – transparent silk chiffon, a little more lace and  bits of shattered silk  – not sew-able but perfect for tiny corsages.

ruined antique party dress

I wish I had spent more time photographing it when it arrived  so I’m giving it a last hurrah now – it’s last breath in it’s original form.

ruined antique party dress

bird madness

Wholesale -that is what I am up to over here.   I shipped off the first order for 2012 yesterday – letty and lou – for BHLDN.  Here they are packaged to go. I like the idea of purchasing something from a giant retailer  and receiving something so personal and direct –  each unique and expressive, each made as if it is the only one I will ever make. Really. That’s the hard part. And the good part. I also like that BHLDN supports and celebrates that idea.

ann wood caketopper

This set will be available soon online at BHLDN  – I’m not sure if it will be in stores but I’ll find out. Over the next couple weeks I’m finishing orders for Catbird , Cog and Pearl,  and another order for BHLDN – all  beautiful collections I’m flattered to be part of.  This is not a pace I can maintain for a great deal of time without losing my marbles though. I am still doing everything myself – every label, every package, every stitch, every word, every photo, all the book keeping, and communication etc. etc. The details are endless.  My first priority after these orders ship is to get a little help with the stuff I can, should  and must have help with.

pink fascinators

letty and lou

letty and lou