a seaside affair

Introducing : The Shelleys! (mary and percy).

the shelleys

I never planned to make another cake topper, the birds ended up in the  nuptials biz by accident. Earlier in the summer I discovered a vintage souvenir seashell doll at a barn sale.  I love vintage souvenirs and this one hit all the right notes for me: a small and  perfect memento of a special day , a time and place, a remembrance, sweet, a little bit sad and deeply nostalgic. It inspired these little figures and I tried hard to  create that kind of sentiment –  a memento of a happy day.

the shelleys

*available here*

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  1. I had two shell dolls when I was growing up—one was covered in glitter and was probably from the 50s—a seaside souvenir of my mother’s. The second I bought with my own allowance in the early 70s on a trip to Florida. I remember it was pink and aqua. Ooo la la. Yours are so full of personality. I don’t know if I’ll come upon mine someday while searching the attic or if they disappeared in a thrift store donation years ago, but maybe I’ll try to make one or two myself. Thanks for recalling this memory.

    • Hi Sue – thanks so much. My first thought when I saw the little shell doll was oh my – I would have gone bannanas for this when I was 8 – something so special and innocent about it.

  2. So sweet! I have been a fan of yours for a long time. I love your work!
    I had an obsession with Egyptian things for a while in gradeschool. Not sure why it occured to me, but one day I glued some shells to a piece of paper and colored them with markers to look like pharoah’s headpieces. Seeing your lovely Shelleys made me want to bust out the craft glue again. 🙂

  3. Bonjour, je vous ai découverte il y a peu de temps et je suis épatée par votre créativité.
    Quelles idées ! quelles réalisations ! c’est vraiment extra, j’aime bcp, c’est très atypique.

    Bon chemin créatif et heureux à vous.

    Isabelle (from France)

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