road’s end

I spent last week in  the Adirondack forest, by a lake.  The house is called Road’s End and it is among other things, a former turn of the century  cure cottage.

road's end

There are lots of sleeping porches ( to facilitate the cure) and I used this one for my work room.

adirondack sleeping porch

It was glorious and I sewed a ton. And when I wasn’t sewing or sleeping or swimming or reading I hiked up things. The views were spectacular.

the view  from whiteface mt

The view from Whiteface Mountain – a frightening 3,676 ft.

whittleling beaks

And I collected twigs and whittled some beaks.

The beaks were for two songbirds I finished  and photographed there – here’s a peek at those:

teal songbird

black songbird

It turns out vacations really are good for people. I don’t take vacations. I barely take breaks or days off- partly because it needs to be that way (so far anyway)  and partly because I like to work and partly because I’m pretty compulsive.  I did make things and sew my ass off but there were breaks and activities outside that and there was almost no internet – that may have been what was really vacationy. What a relief. A discomfort too – but less so after a couple days.

I came home with an  organized and clear head;  motivated and with something that was puzzling me figured out – I’ll tell you about that tomorrow.


  1. I am desperate to know if this is a house that can be rented? And if you’ll tell me who to call.

  2. Beautiful! We all need vacations…even little ones. They were always hard for me too, but not anymore; I now know how important they are to rejuvenate and to get clarity, etc. This is so true now that I am much older. Before it was go, go, go, do, do, do and do more. And because I am so creative…well that can lead to a disaster if left to be. For me anyway.

    I love your birds and other critters. You are an inspiration for me. I thank you.

    I have learned to take even one day vacates. No technology is my rule for myself. Makes a huge difference for me. No computers, no phones, no TV. Music is okay…instrumental.

    LOVE your photos. Love that house. So you were cured!!! ♥♥

  3. Your teal songbird is gorgeous! Road’s End looks like an incredible place for a vacation! I love that ‘sleeping porch’!

  4. Ann, how lovely…everything, house, lake, mountains,and your little birds. You have inspired me…I have been in a creative funk for a long time. I have begun to paint my pictures again, and plan crafts to make. I even started the horses you gave us. Thanks so-o-o-o much. Your grateful friend, Dianne

  5. A change of scenery is a must, even if it’s only every once in a while, (and no technology). Seems as though you had a wonderful vacation in a beautiful spot!

  6. What a wonderful porch to create in! There’s nothing quite like a nostalgic place by a lake – glad you had a great mini-vacation.

  7. Love your new birds and reading about the “cure” which really is the cure for our culture.The world even.
    Time “off”.
    Time away.
    Hikes, sleeping,nature ,rest.
    Ahhh, I am inspired just writing those words.
    Thank you for sharing.You are a delight to follow and get peeks into.
    I understand about the work schedule.So happy to see your vacation!

  8. hey Keith, did you get any info about that cottage? I’d love to rent it as well! Can you share the contact info Anne?

  9. Hi Ann, it looks absolutely perfect. I too am interested in going there and I cannot find it on the net. Do they rent rooms? Thanks so much.

    • Hi Cat – it is an awesome place but it’s not available to rent – it’s a family deal.

  10. Jackie Koreen

    Textures, textures!!! Even your shorts, great textures. love it. A friend has a similar type of cabin in Kansas on a stream. It was so enjoyable being there, no pretentious fancy place, simple with no airs. She goes there to make her jewelry and get away from life. Maybe someday…I do so enjoy your pictures and your blog. Thank you Jackie

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