collection : linings

Almost a year ago I got together a box of linings with plans to make things but not much happened after that. I’ve lately pulled that box out and I’ll be posting progress and  previews of finished pieces here throughout August. They will be available in September. I  love linings and they often end up being my favorite part of a garment.


I’m working on the usual suspects : owls, spiders and songbirds but this collection will have a couple surprises too. I’ve made the most progress on a songbird made from the printed lining of an edwardian bodice.


I spent the weekend with it – stitching, restitching, experimenting and not worrying about progress or efficiency. I’m allowed to do that on the weekends. Pretty vacationey.


This bird, the layering of this print, reminds me  of tramp art a little bit and I think I’ll experiment  more with that idea.


  1. Love the stitching around the eye and the bit of blue fringey on the wings – it looks really good.
    Those tan fabrics on the left in the photo seem like they would make a good hawk.

  2. oh yes, great stitching around the eye. you have a knack for dining interesting fabrics.

  3. Julia D.

    Love the layering on the song bird, as well as stitching contrasts for it eyes. You make such wonderful creations!
    Thanks for sharing…
    P.S. The edwardian bodice lining print a perfect choice.

  4. I will always follow your blog as i have seen you share awesome pic and info on your blog.


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