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fortuny owl

fortuny owl

A long time ago, way back in 2010 I visited the Fortuny showroom  here in NYC to talk about making some creatures with their exquisite fabrics. There have been fits and starts and interruptions in the process but lately solid progress has been made towards creating a full collection of creatures that will be available  beginning this fall.

fortuny spider

Working with patterns,  large scale patterns,  has challenged how I think about my owls in particular and some interesting things are happening.

fortuny owls in progress

fortuny owl

fortuny perching owl

More progress photos soon as well as information on where and when things will be available.


  1. Ann that is FANTASTIC! I love the rugged look of the owls. I once did a doll with the stitches showing just to give it a more natural look & one of the judges (she only does boringly pretty dolls) took me to the side & told me that it wasn’t finished because I didn’t cover up the stitches…duh! Some people don’t get it.

  2. I love your birds…. these owls are beautiful, and I love to see the progress pictures. Thanks!

  3. As usual, I love, love, love how these little ones are coming together…and covet each of one… you create such beautiful little creatures. I always love to hear how you came upon this dress or this fabric and I am sure it has always been a bit of a treasure hunt and a bit of inspiration in the process, which is the fun part for me as a designer. So reading here and there, do you think the lack of randomness in sourcing affected the process? Not that it shows in your work at all, as I think the two above are simply amazing, but just curious?

  4. Lovely fabrics! It looks like you use a lot of different ones for each creature, especially the owls. Did the folks at Fortuny make the initial contact, or did you approach them with the idea of making a collection? Anyway, we’d love to see photos of the whole collection.

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