owl beginnings

I’ve started several new owls  including the two robust grey fellows below. The owl on the left is made from a silvery Fortuny pattern  and the other from marvelous Japanese  textiles courtesy of Sri.

owl beginnings

I have also gathered a little pile of things for another fabric ship and owl captain – a moodier pallet than the last – I love the purplish tones – those are for the ship and the indigos  are  for the little captain. These are all Japanese and again courtesy of Sri.  These are the colors I’ve been most attracted to for weeks now – silver, stone shades, and bits of violets and blues

purplish grey antique japanese textiles

I finished the quilt ship but I haven’t taken it’s official photo yet, this is an instagram shot of the very nearly finished ship and captain.

quilt ship and captain


  1. I love all your work, but the owls “get” me every time!I think it’s their “don’t sass me!” look.

  2. really like those colours you have chosen for your next ship and captain – perfect cooling shades for summer with hints of thinking about fall.

  3. It’s fun to see the owls in progress, and the quilt ship and captain are GREAT! He is sure to reach his destination. 🙂

  4. My aunt introduced me to your work, and I’m so glad! I love your fabric choices here, and the quilt ship is just wonderful!

  5. I loved this post and seeing your owls come together. You’ve inspired my daughter to create her own sweet vintage fabric owls with button eyes. (very simple little owls but she is proud of them and we love them)

  6. I adore your patchwork ship and owls. What a wonderful needlewoman you are,

  7. I love seeing the process photos of these owls. It’s really insightful to see an artist’s work in progress. I too show some of my art dolls as I create them. I think it’s fun for the readers.

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