bird madness

Wholesale -that is what I am up to over here.   I shipped off the first order for 2012 yesterday – letty and lou – for BHLDN.  Here they are packaged to go. I like the idea of purchasing something from a giant retailer  and receiving something so personal and direct –  each unique and expressive, each made as if it is the only one I will ever make. Really. That’s the hard part. And the good part. I also like that BHLDN supports and celebrates that idea.

ann wood caketopper

This set will be available soon online at BHLDN  – I’m not sure if it will be in stores but I’ll find out. Over the next couple weeks I’m finishing orders for Catbird , Cog and Pearl,  and another order for BHLDN – all  beautiful collections I’m flattered to be part of.  This is not a pace I can maintain for a great deal of time without losing my marbles though. I am still doing everything myself – every label, every package, every stitch, every word, every photo, all the book keeping, and communication etc. etc. The details are endless.  My first priority after these orders ship is to get a little help with the stuff I can, should  and must have help with.

pink fascinators

letty and lou

letty and lou


  1. DWanna Lou

    I am such a fan of your sweathearts and all your birds! Hope to own one someday soon. 🙂

  2. You are amazing! Your birds are a marvel! I stumbled upon your blog via Grrl+Dog and I am so glad I did! I have just finished making a boat from your wonderful tutorial and I love it! Thank you.

  3. Wonderfull, they look like they are going to fly… i love it ! I do make dolls for the rings of wedding, but i like better your birds… Have a nice day ! Léontine

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