what’s left

This was a great dress,  it was ruined in such magnificent ways. I’ve been making things with it for  almost two years and it still has more to give – transparent silk chiffon, a little more lace and  bits of shattered silk  – not sew-able but perfect for tiny corsages.

ruined antique party dress

I wish I had spent more time photographing it when it arrived  so I’m giving it a last hurrah now – it’s last breath in it’s original form.

ruined antique party dress


  1. It is wonderful to give life to grand old things, I am sure they enjoy feeling useful again

  2. Ann, I’ve been remiss about posting on your blog for so long. Its always such a treat to see what you are up to and admiring your process. I hope all is well and that your songbirds find you singing along with them…

  3. I am a ‘fan’ of yours, and it will be so much fun to see what inspires such a creative, talented crafter!

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