getting organized

I am. And getting rid of things.  And rearranging. This is my newly appointed button drawer:

button drawer

It was formerly my “drop in anything I don’t know what to do with and then never open again” drawer. I dumped it out and found a tiny hand-full of things  I might actually need someday.  It’s perfect for buttons and much better than searching in a bunch of jars and boxes and bags.  Now that my buttons are all organized and in one place I’ll probably be a millionaire by the end of the week.

I’ve also been working on some special caketopper bird orders. This is the world’s tiniest garrison cap (airforce).

world's tiniest garrison cap

And the world’s tiniest boutonniere.

tiny boutonniere

And a very  fancy fascinator for his girl.

fancy fascinator


  1. carole bridgman

    I too find it extremely important to have one’s buttons organized at all times. We have that in common–also, the palms of your hands look exactly like mine. uncanny, said my husband.

    I was in Brooklyn at last in March to see Richard III–went to the Park Slope flea and thought about you. Also got to meet Kevin Spacey. I was charmed.

    Best wishes, and the garrison cap is the best thing I’ve ever seen on the internet.

    The middle-aged lady from St. Louis

  2. I have a drawer just like your “drop in anything I don’t know what to do with and then never open again” drawer!!!

    Mine has not been cleaned out, however…

    Ah well.

    Karen Anne

  3. Glad the spider is standing watch over the button drawer so no one can mess it up! Also, love the sparkle beak on Miss Birdlet.

  4. I bet it feels really good to be so organized. That does sound like a better way to look for buttons. I love the world tiniest boutonniere!

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