abandoned quilt tops and stitched crows

It has some great moments and some highly questionable choices (worn towels…). All of it is very nostalgic for me.

salvaged quilt top

I’m always on the look out for  vintage or antique quilt tops. They are frequently super cheap and a great source for unusual little bits of fabric, perfect for all sorts of small projects (including doll quilts). Or if you find something  with no objectionable moments or issues you can take it across the quilt finish line. The quilt above (found on ebay) was probably assembled in the 70’s and has lots of sweet calicos. Another I found recently is pale and has a mix of small turn of the century and depression era prints salvaged from garments. Both are coming to workshops in LA with me.

needle book pages

I’m using the older quilt for needle book pages. I’ve been stitching up lots for the class.  You wouldn’t think machine sewing a ton of rectangles would be appealing but it is. I’ll probably get over it but right now I can’t get enough. It’s peaceful and satisfying to stack up the finished pages. Also I’m thinking of offering the pre-sewn, ready to embellish  pages as a kit this winter – what do you think?

stitching crow wings

Besides needle books we will be making paper ships, beetles, mushrooms and crows. I’m bringing lots of old garments to work with.

fabric crow

get the pattern

carved beaks and an edwardian skirt

paper ship

basket of edwardian lawn gowns

stitched beetles

stitched beetles made from scraps

I wonder what they talk about – somebody seems pretty bossy…


  1. I can’t wait for your crow pattern! Crows are my favorite, and yours looks amazing.

  2. I love the crow and the bugs! I would love to purchase one or more needle book kits. They would make a wonderful winter project and would have a go at making that magnificent crow. Thank you Ann, I so love everything you do.

  3. I can’t wait to have a house full of crows. The owl has been so much fun, but I’m a huge fan of corvids.

  4. lapiekikou

    J’adore le corbeau, j’aimerai beaucoup avoir le patron, bonne soirée La Pie

  5. lapiekikou

    J’adore le corbeau, j’aimerai beaucoup avoir le patron, Bonne soirée
    La Pie

  6. I’m laughing, as I’m also captured by the crow; despite loving bugs, I can’t keep my eyes off it☺

  7. I am so looking forward to the crow pattern. My 80 something Aunt loves them, so I always try to create something crow themed for her birthday. Needle book kit – yes! I imagine a winter of crow and owl building. When I go through my stash of old quilts this winter, I’ll keep you in mind.

  8. Daniela Giles

    So looking forward to the release of your crow pattern. Thank you Ann

  9. Pillow ticking in two colors and an incredible crow sharing the same page!! This must not be legal? Such fun!

  10. Denita Purser

    Crows!! I love them and OMG, your making a pattern???!!! I can’t wait.

  11. Patricia Quinn-Ortiz

    Oh my, thank you for the inspiration! I have been hoarding a three-layer coverlet that came from my grandmother’s house — the outer layer is depression era fabric , and I swear the second layer is late 1800s and the last layer is civil war. Shreds and tatters, some of it, but you give me such good ideas for using the fabric.

  12. Looking forward to the crow pattern, just moved into a charming little house and every morning there is one crow standing in the f ront yard, can’t wait to make one

  13. Can’t wait to get the crow pattern!!! Please!!! I have crows and ravens on the brain and need to get working on them…..soon

  14. Oh yes! Can’t wait for the bird pattern. How about making an alternative somewhat thicker beak? The similarity lends the pattern to making a raven as well, like Thors Hugin and Munin. Very glad you are making the pattern.

  15. The needle book workshop at French General was just wonderful! You are a terrific instructor. I loved working on my needle book in class and really hope I have the skills to make more. They are beautiful. And YES!!!!!! Please see up some kits and sell them — I definitely want to buy some. So nice to meet you.
    PS how about work shop at the SF School of Needework?????

  16. Lesley Goodall-Page

    Having just made a dastardly owl I can’t wait for the crow pattern as I am a crow collector!
    My owl has turned out rather shocked looking! It may have something to do with the dog “helping” making it look more tattered.

  17. Susan Brouwers

    Would love that crow pattern! Please let me know when available.

  18. Elinor Drake

    Me too! Me Too! Waiting for the crow/or raven pattern!

  19. Mary Park

    I am so looking forward to the crow pattern, have already started collecting and searching for fabric at thrift stores, good things come to those who wait.
    Mary P

  20. Bridget McMillan

    Can you let me know when the crow pattern is going to be available. Can’t wait to make it.

  21. Susan Turner

    I would love to order the crow pattern! Please let me know when it’s available.

    • Thanks so much Susan – the crow pattern should be out in early September. When it is available I’ll send a notification to my email subscribers, post on the blog, Facebook and Instagram.

  22. Judith Sembdner

    Oh, so great! I would love to see the crow pattern in your shop soon!

  23. I am so excited and looking forward to the crow pattern!! Love Ravens.
    How could I post my little fish (made with your pattern?
    Thank you …I love all of your art!

  24. Patricia S Tellez

    How can I know when your crow pattern is available?

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